Say the kingdom of heaven is treasurehid in a field, or a pearl of great pricefound at a fair, for which all earthly wealthwas sold to gain. these parables portendthe noetic ascesis of mystics—holiness in unknowing, unlearning.of posing prophetic propositions,different definitions. finding new wineto safely stretch old skins. water and clayblinding us to lies. giving it all upin order to gain. bad haircuts, acne,the one who hits you, home when it isn’tany longer, the weight: loss celebratedas sacrament. even the loss of god. [End Page 110]

Matthew E. Henry

Matthew E. Henry is a Pushcart nominee with poems appearing or forthcoming in Amethyst Review, The Anglican Theological Review, The Other Journal, Perspectives, Poetry East, Relief, Rock and Sling and The Windhover. He received his MFA from Seattle Pacific University.

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