This article features an interview with Kat Gordon, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the 3% Movement. Speaking with Jean Grow (Marquette University), Gordon outlines the trajectory of her career from magazine writer, to an Advertising Age Visionary of the Year, and an Adweek Disruptor. Across five segments, and seven video clips, the interview maps out Kat's career and 3%'s impact on the advertising industry. The first segment of the interview explores Kat's early career and how it shaped her understanding of the power of women as consumers and women as practitioners. In the second segment, Kat reminiscences about the launch of 3%, and then speaks to how she built a community around it. Segment three addresses the impact 3% has had on the advertising industry. The fourth segment dives into diversity, an existential threat to today's advertising industry. The final segment looks at how the #MeToo movement and Time's Up/Advertising have impacted the advertising industry and teases out what's ahead for 3%.