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Selected Bibliogrophy of Chinese Folklore by Professor Eberhc1rd Professor Eberlrnrd lws forwarded a bibliography of selected works assigned to accompany a particular course he offers at Berkeley. We consider this sort of bibliography useful for CHINOPERLfrom two points of view. First, it gives us a picture of the work one of our members is doing and the type of reading expected of his students. Second, and even more important, it records for us a distilled portion of an important collection. We will be happy to print such course bibliographies with the assumption that they give us some insight into the library of the school concerned. ,,, ) ,) Soc:i.olor:y 290 Summer, 1969 11r. Eberhard Selected lJefercnce List: Chinese Follclore NOTE: This Bibliorrraphy excludes books and articles used in rr.:v own folkloristicµublications, Chinese books, mentioned in the Enr:lish nart of the bibliop-raphy are 1.n 1 .-r.Eberhard• s private collection and not in the publications; Chinese and Japanese books in the Ch.inese part of the bi bliof'raphy are in the U. C. Libraries (East Asiatj_c Libra:r:v: if 1"'!arl~ed "C.C." in the Center for Chinese Studies). Acton, Harold, and Lee Yi-hs iel 0 , _ c:J.ue mict Lacriucr ' (London., ·19lrI) . Ai,jmer, G., '.l'he Drar-on Boat Festival in the Hunan & Hupeh Plains, Central China (1964), GT4883 A3, H8, A35, Alekseef, F .M,, Kitaiskaya Haro.dna:·ra Kartuna (' 1oscow, 1966). Arlin1°ton, L.C., The Chinese Drama from the Earliest 'rimes until Today (Shanf'hai., 1930). , and IL Acton, Famous Chinese Plays (Pekinr-, lfl37), '714 Blyth, R.H., Oriental llu."1our (Tok:vo, 1959), P>J61l,7 ll 5. 1\724. Bourboulis, Photeine P. , ~)tudies :i.n the Histor:v of rtoctern Greek Storv-' toti ves ( Thessalonike, 1953 )':- , Bredon, Juliet, and I. :1otrophanm -.r, The ~1oon Year. J\ Record of Chinese Customs (Shanp-hai, 1927), Buck, Pearl S, ed., Fairy 1.'ales of the Orient (19r,5). Chanr. Chinrr-shen(", Sex Historie:3: China's Earliest Hodern 1 rreatise on Sex Education (1967). Chan", Isabelle C. , Chinese F'airv •rales (New York, 196il). Carpenter, Frances, Tales of a Chinese Grandmother (London, 1938). Chao Shu T'un, A 'rhai. Epic (Pe'.,inr:, J.959). Ch' en Ju-henp-, Shuo-shuT;;;.iao-shih (Short History of Story-'l'ellirw) ( Shanr-he.i, 1936). Chen," 1:/ou-chan, Erotolo{'ie de la- Chine (Daris, 1963). Chi-lin min-chi en ku--shi.h (!7::2lktales from Kirin Province) (Pekin1°, 1960). Chia Chi et al. , Chun1,-kuo min-chi en ku-shih hsuan ( Select eel Chinese Folktales) (Pekinf', 1958), -· · Chien Go huen, Chinese F'ai.ry Tales ( 1962). Chunp--kuo min-chi.en wu-t' ·hs~chi ( Selection of Chinese Folk Dances) (Pekinp-, 19511), Cooper, Elizabeth, The Lov,;·Lctters of a Chinese Lady (Edinburrh, 1919). The Courtesan's Jewel Bo:c ( 1957). Dennys, N.B. The Folk-Lore o.f Ch.Ldrct ::ind it.s ·with that of the Aryan and Semitic Races (London, 18"(6), ·- - · Dietz, Betty "Harner and th. C. ParJ,..: L:0.1.k:3onr~s of China .Japan Korea (New York, 19f;J.1). Donath, as, China c·!rziihJ.t ( J",'rcmld.'urt, J.96h). l'olk ']'ales from Cbina ( 1957). ) . Fu Hsi-hua, rrzu-t:i. shu tsunrr:-1::u (Cata.lorue of 1 'Brother Books 11 ) (Shane:hai, 1957). 7). !ergei, 'I1}JcChinese Puppet 1 I1}1eu.tr0 (London, 1961), PN19'78 C4'.502. 0,uong, Rose, Chine::;;c Gho:..>t and Love ~3toric::, (h:1•1 Yorl·., 1946). Beinhard, Kurt, Chines:i.~;che t.1usik ( l~?O+:). Bottauscher, Anna, Charaktcr and>al::-.;cleuLunrr (}er Chine:-;en aus Ce::;icht und H3.nden (196II). nus:::~ell, Nellie, N., (~li:,)aning~'3 frum Chine3e Folklore ( 1915). :)carbrough, Reverend H., A Collection of Ch:i.nese Proverbs (;:n1an("hai, 1926). ,3ch1ecel, Gw,tave, La Pcostitution en (Houcm, lflfl(;), U. of '1innesota 339.l f3ch 36F. Sci·b.rns, JoseJ'Jh, :l_'.500 l'oclern Chinc:3c iiove1::.i Plays (, .1:::d.18). '.)cott, f..• C. tr., 'Iraclitiorn.1.,1 Cl1.Lncsc F1~\'rs...


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