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Questionnaire Prepared by Professors Pian and Stevens Professors Pian and Stevens have prepared the following questionnaire for a preliminary survey of source materials of interest to CHINOPERL. We would like to see answers to this questionnaire along these lines from as many sources as possible. Naturally, few or none of us will have the time to make complete and detailed listings of all our personal or institutional holdings. Nothing like this can honestly be expected until funds are availab1e for catalogers and bibliographers. Until then, however, it should be possible to get survey descriptions of holdings around the country and abroad. These surveys will then help us direct our attention to the most fruitful spots when it is time to do so. Also, even before funds are available , these general descriptions can help any of us plan our own library visits and searches in a way to produce maximum return. Appended to the questionnaire are some suggestions about categories which Professors Pian and Stevens have made in the hopes of stimulating thought and comment on this vital matter. 25 Questionnaire for Survey of Source Material on Oral and Performing Literature (If any of these suggested categories don't fit, please add descriptions in your own terms,) This questionnaire is being filled out for O myself _________ _ name address Cl my institution name department holding material I.Sound Recordings: Do you have any recordings of materials on Chinese Oral and Performing Literature? A detailed list should wait on Alan Kagan's forms; we are trying here to get some idea of the broad outlines: who has roughly how much of what, Refer to our list of categories, or make up your own, A. Tapes Category or Genre It of reels size of reels (5",7") It of tracks (1,2,4, stereo) speed (7-1/2 ips, etc,) hours of playing time Individual Items you feel might be of particular interest: B. Disks Category or Genre It of records size of disks (10 11 ,12") speed (78,45) material (plastic, breakable, , •) Individual Items you feel might be of particular interest: 26 era (post 1949, 1930's, etc,) era C. Other Do you have any other forms of recordings, such as magnetic wire, wax cylinder? Please specify: D. Provenance How were your recordings collected: IJ Personal field trip I] Purchased commercially_ O Dubbed from other recordings Please specify when the collection was made, where, and by whom: E. Use Are these recordings currently being studied? By whom? For what purpose (thesis, paper, book, course, etc,)? F. Back-up Material Do you have musical scores for these recordings'? Are there texts to go along with these recordings? II.Other Written Material A. Do you have any additional written documents on Oral and Performing Literature (such as texts) that are not necessarily related to the recordings above'? How many pages or volumes? Are they transcriptions from actual performances? Are they commercial editions? they manuscripts? Any photostat, microfilm, or Xerox forms of the above? 27 B. If there are music scores are they Genre (if known) • in Western staff notation 0 in gongclleh notation ( :1 :r_ \D}?, ):_~ ) • in tonic solfa system ( 3 3 6 2 1 5. 6 ) ---- • other: C. What other kinds of documents (films, taped interviews, etc.) do you have in this field? III. The Broader Outlook A. What kind of assistance (financial and otherwise) did you have in making your collection in the past? B. Are you planning to collect more materials in the future? Any specific kind? When? C. Is it permissible to let another institution or a member of CHINOPERLmake duplicates of your material? Do you think the arrangements as described by the Folklore Archives of Indiana suitable for your materials? What other suggestions do you have? D. Do you know any performers or other practical experts on Chinese Oral and Performing Literature? Genre Name Address E. Are there still other scholars who might share our interest but who were not either present or mentioned at the first meeting? F. Do you know of any personal or institutional collections in Chinese oral and performing literature besides those of membt~rs of CJ-IINOPERL? 28 List of...


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