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Cai Juemin obtained her Ph. D. in the Chinese Language Department of Peking University. A researcher of ancient Chinese literature, she currently teaches at Tianjin Foreign Studies University. Her studies range from Daoist literature including Laozi and Zhuangzi to American Daoist studies and popular Daoism in America. Email:

Adam Chanzit holds an MA in Chinese from the University of California at Berkeley, a BA from Yale and was a visiting scholar in the Daoist department at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing. He is a writer and teacher based in Los Angeles. Email:

Timo Dittrich obtained his MA in Religious Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where he also worked as a research assistant in the History Department and the Chinese Language Center. Email:

Stephen Eskildsen holds a Ph.D. degree in Asian Studies from the University of British Columbia. He is professor at International Christian University in Tokyo. His specialty is Daoist cultivation, notably of the Complete Perfection school. Email:

Andrej Fech received his PhD in philosophy from the University of Tübingen and works as an assistant professor at the Hong Kong Baptist University. His research focuses on early Daoist thought, excavated manuscripts and comparative philosophy. Email:

Guo Wu (b. 1966) graduated from Peking University in Religious Studies. After serving as the director of the Institute for Religious Studies at Sichuan University for many years, he is now professor of Religious Studies at Yunnan University. Email:

Li Juntao received his PhD from the Institute of Daoism and Comparative Religion at Sichuan University. His research focuses on Daoist philosophy and iconography, also applying the latter to modern art creation. Email:

Abraham S. Y. Poon has been a master of Holo-Cosmic Qigong since 1986. He also works as a tutor in the School of Professional and Continuing Education of the University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Polytecnical University. Email:

Mark Saltveit graduated from Harvard University far too long ago and lived in China briefly during the 1980s. He writes popular and scholarly articles on Daoism, philology (esp. palindromes), and American football.. Email:

LoAn Guylaine Tran, Daoist name Chengfeng 誠鳳, is a 24th-generation disciple of the Dragon Gate lineage of Complete Perfection. She teaches Daoist energy arts, both with her teacher Li Shifu at the Five Immortals Temple on Mount Wudang and internationally during intensive retreats. Website:; Email:

Maggie Chuiki Wan received her Ph. D. in Chinese art history from the University of Oxford and works as Associate Professor in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her research focuses on the material culture of the Ming dynasty and Daoist art. Email:

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