This study aims to provide a textual approach to Al-Mutanabbī’s ‘Ayniyya poem, which starts with the following: “Others are deceived by most of these people.” The study starts with a brief introduction of the concept of argumentation and then provides an overview of some crucial methodological parameters. The study then proceeds into its main part, the practical aspect through which the researcher seeks to make use of the outcomes of argumentation theory in discourse and, thus, employs them in reading one of al-Mutanabbī’s poems. The researcher divides the text into five textual units, revealing in each unit the rhetorical, stylistic, and instrumental mechanisms used by the poet to present his arguments and assertions. The researcher examines the logic of the poem that governs its entire structure as a text in a coherent existing structure and links the text to its context due to the important role that this linkage plays in such argumentation studies in order to overcome the closed textual view in analyzing literary discourse.


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