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  • Full Collection of Personal Narratives
  • Sarah M. Temkin, Nora L. Burgess, Anonymous One, Karyn Butler, Deborah Verran, Marguerite Barnett, Amy Wandel, Claudia Emami, Anonymous Two, Priya Chopra, Anji Wall, Sabha Ganai, Elizabeth H. Stephens, Erica M. Carlisle, Amy Stewart, Jan B Newman, Hillary Newsome, Preeti R. John, and Katherine Bakke
  • • On Vulnerability

  • • Championing A Surgical Career: Success in a World of a Thousand Cuts

  • • Ready, Aim, Fire: Ending Sexual Harassment of Women in Surgery

  • • Strength Without Armor: Reflections from a Woman and a Surgeon

  • • A Woman Surgeon’s Determination Despite the Barriers to Career Progression

  • • No Hothouse Flower

  • • My Story as a Female Surgeon

  • • What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Stronger . . . or Does It?

  • • Cooperation and Support of Both Men and Women Are Required to End Workplace Discrimination

  • • Success in Spite of Evaluation

  • • Aggressive

  • • The Other

  • • Making the Most of Opportunity

  • • Becoming a Role Model

  • • They Can’t Stop the Clock

  • • The Gold Watch Game

  • • Death by a Thousand Cutting Remarks

  • • Salary Inequity and Me: A Personal Reflection

  • • But I Love My Big Hair! An Essay on the Discouragement and Difficulty of Becoming a Woman Surgeon