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  • Annual IndexVolume 138 (2019)

Akagi, Kai, "Luke 1:49 and the Form of Isaiah in Luke: An Overlooked Allusion and the Problem of an Assumed LXX Text," 183–201

Baker, Robin, "Jeremiah and the Balag-Lament? Jeremiah 8:18–23 Reconsidered,"587–604

Berman, Joshua, "The Biblical Criticism of Ibn Hazm the Andalusian: A Medieval Control for Modern Diachronic Method," 377–90

Bernier, Jonathan, "When Paul Met Sergius: An Assessment of Douglas Campbell's Pauline Chronology for the Years 36 to 37," 829–43

Blount, Brian K., "The Souls of Biblical Folks and the Potential for Meaning," 3–21

Brown, Ian Phillip, "Where Indeed Was the Gospel of Thomas Written? Thomas in Alexandria," 451–72

Burkett, Delbert, "The Transfiguration of Jesus (Mark 9:2–8): Epiphany or Apotheosis?," 413–32

Carver, Daniel E., "The Use of the Perfect in Daniel 7:27," 325–44

Chapman, Cynthia R., "The Breath of Life: Speech, Gender, and Authority in the Garden of Eden," 241–62

Delorme, Jean-Philippe, " in Ezekiel: Identity Construction and the Exilic Period," 121–41

Dobbs-Allsopp, F. W., and Elaine T. James, "The Ekphrastic Figure(s) in Song 5:10–16," 297–323

Edsall, Benjamin A., "Reading with a Forger: Christoph Pfaff and the Reception of Colossians 2:16," 845–62

Feldman, Ariel, "An Overlooked Psalm Addressing Zion from Wadi Murabbaat," 365–76

Fox, Michael V., "On in Qoheleth: A Reply to Mark Sneed," 559–63

Garr, W. Randall, "Speaking Truth: The Uses of , and ," 63–77

Greer, Jonathan S., "The 'Priestly Portion' in the Hebrew Bible: Its Ancient Near Eastern Context and Its Implications for the Composition of P," 263–84

Granerød, Gard, "Canon and Archive: Yahwism in Elephantine and Āl-Yāḫūdu as a Challenge to the Canonical History of Judean Religion in the Persian Period," 345–64

Grossman, Jonathan, "The Significance of Frankincense in Grain Offerings," 285–96

Harland, Philip A., "Climbing the Ethnic Ladder: Ethnic Hierarchies and Judean Responses," 665–86 [End Page 922]

Hogue, Timothy, "The Monumentality of the Sinaitic Decalogue: Reading Exodus 20 in Light of Northwest Semitic Monument-Making Practices," 79–99

Hylen, Susan E., "Women διάκονοι and Gendered Norms of Leadership," 687–702

James, Elaine T. See Dobbs-Allsopp, F. W.

Jensen, Matthew D., "Some Unpersuasive Glosses: The Meaning of ἀπείθεια, ἀπειθέω, and ἀπειθής in the New Testament," 391–412

Kislev, Itamar, "What Happened to the Sons of Korah? The Ongoing Debate Regarding the Status of the Korahites," 497–511

Kitz, Anne Marie, "The Verb *yahway," 39–62

Knight, Jarrett W., "Reading between the Lines: 1 Peter 4:16, MS 424, and Some Methodological Blind Spots in the CBGM," 899–921

Kochenash, Michael, "Better Call Paul 'Saul': Literary Models and a Lukan Innovation, 433–49

Lyons, Michael A., "Out of the (Model) City, into the Fire: The Meaning of Ezekiel 5:3–4," 605–23

Menéndez-Antuña, Luis, "Of Social Death and Solitary Confinement: The Political Life of a Gerasene (Luke 8:26–39)," 643–64

Miroshnikov, Ivan, "Fourth Maccabees 1:1–6 in Sahidic Coptic," 625–42

Murphy, David J., "More Evidence Pertaining to 'Their Females' in Romans 1:26," 221–40

Neumann, James N., "Thy Will Be Done: Jesus's Passion in the Lord's Prayer," 161–82

O'Connor, M. John-Patrick, "The Devil Will Flee: James 4:7, the Jesus Tradition, and the Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs," 883–97

Orian, Matan, "Possible Misreading in 1 Maccabees 7:34 in Light of Its Biblical Model," 777–89

Pope, Michael, "Luke's Seminal Annunciation: An Embryological Reading of Mary's Conception," 791–807

Proctor, Mark A., "'Who Is My Neighbor?' Recontextualizing Luke's Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25–37)," 203–19

Quine, Cat, "The Host of Heaven and the Divine Army: A Reassessment," 741–55

Rainbow, Jesse, "Micaiah ben Imlah (1 Kings 22) and the Grammar of the Biblical War Oracle," 537–57

Rhyder, Julia, "Sabbath and Sanctuary Cult in the Holiness Legislation: A Reassessment," 721–40

Rillera, Andrew Remington, "A Call to Resistance: The Exhortative Function of Daniel 7," 757–76

Rom-Shiloni, Dalit, "From Prophetic Words to Prophetic Literature: Challenging Paradigms That Control Our Academic Thought on Jeremiah and Ezekiel," 565–86

Sanders, Seth...


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