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  • Hospitality, and: Starlight Express, and: Poem for Money, and: Thank You for Having Me, and: I Know What I’m Talking About
  • Heather Christle (bio)


On my first day at the new job I scanned my whole body and could not  find a nameI felt like a biblical error, I had to lie downEtiquette says a young widow must not dress in flashy jetEtiquette says children under 8 in black mourning are too sadI felt like any words I spoke would take the form of a confessionI confessed pages of telephone numbers but nobody picked upIt was the night shiftThe night like a long room with windows in inconvenient placesI did not know how to arrange the furniture in a beautiful wayI had been trained in how to love people a littleThough I worked many hours there was nobody thereI mean I never saw another soul, least of all my own [End Page 97]

Starlight Express

I am watching my ideas vanish on the patioThey are evaporating on the warm slabsA Barbie swimming pool would be of an impractical size for a toyI take a picture of that idea before it evaporates so I can show you laterBarbie’s Dream House comes with an elevator of questionable necessityI mean it is there because it is good to have a moving partThat is why a toy sonnet has a voltaI would take a picture of that idea too but I have already gone insideI am already deep in the ranchIt is a kind of house where the light has retiredThe light makes me tuna salad sandwiches for lunch [End Page 98]

Poem for Money

No color deserves a name like puce but the sky does not careThe sky is making so many arrangements I think it must be richEven the rich die sometimes, but not, I think, todaySomeone has cut loose a 40-million-dollar yacht to watch it drift  between the cloudsThe word vandal does not fascinate nor does it properly nameAny person could be a vent for the possible to steam throughWhen I used to work directly for the rich they sent me to Tiffany for  repairsThere was a room on a certain floor to which I’d ascendNo one ever asked me to leaveThe colors around me were such a thick cream I thought I would  drownMoney loves to role-play being eroticIf you have enough you can demand they put away the axe and take out  the swordMoney is mostly flat and can be used for many different thingsIn certain cases this poem can be turned into 500 dollarsIn others 10 dollarsper line [End Page 99]

Thank You for Having Me

Adult cats do not meow at each other, only at humansAnything only for humans makes me a little bit sad like Ziploc bagsPoems are made by humans for aliens and angelsTo them we are very loud petsIn a poem one can try on such ideas as if they were a beautiful dressI very much wish I could afford to buy beautiful dresses w/voluminous  mutton sleevesIf I can’t figure out how to turn this poem into money I will go to the  storeI will stand naked and meow at Nordstrom Rack until somebody  clothes meAt the party you will say I love your dress—where is it from?It was a gift! I will say From the angels!A spray of hors d’oeuvres from my wet pink mouth [End Page 100]

I Know What I’m Talking About

Is it true that a goat will eat a tin canor is this just something I read in a bookand that now you are reading in a bookand that your body will tuck awayinto a corner of some field of memorylying fallow, one you will somedaydecide (“decide”) to sow withan online lecture series about the animalin literature, but will not reap beforeyou...


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