This symposium includes 12 very brave and intimate narratives about the challenges associated with becoming a surgeon and practicing surgery as a woman. This symposium also includes three commentaries on the narratives written by 1) Patricia Dawson, MD, Ph.D., FACS, 2) Kelsey Medeiros, Ph.D, and Jennifer Griffith, Ph.D, and 3) Peter Angelos, MD, Ph.D., FACS. This narrative collection offers diverse female perspective on the impact of surgical training and practice, yet common themes emerge related to gender in the field of surgery. This symposium provides insight on surgical culture and traditions that are detrimental to surgeons in general, and woman surgeons in particular. It addresses how leadership and institutional changes must be made to equitably and successfully recruit, support, promote, and retain women training and practicing surgery. There is hope for the future of gender equity, diversity, and inclusion in the surgical workforce but only if its leaders adopt a zero tolerance policy against the range of gender-disparities identified and prioritize a culture of safety, dignity and equity.


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