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  • At Gibbs Gardens
  • Alison Gaines (bio)

One must have a mind of winter

—Wallace Stevens, "The Snow Man"

It's peak color for the Japanese maples,yet the other areas belong to summer.Though the lilies, daffodils, and rhodies are dormant,

people still buy tickets to traipse through dry leavesand say, "Isn't the landscaping nice."I've never been more bored. This morning

I pulled myself out of my couch bed, as my hostswoke effortlessly and made a meal with eggsfrom their own chickens. In this far-flung suburb

you can do that sort of thing. My family moves onahead of me, young cousins straight froma children's catalog, fall issue, cavorting

through the flowers that aren't there.The grumbling in my stomach amplifies,and I wonder what it is I'm hungry for. [End Page 116]

Alison Gaines

alison gaines holds an MFA in poetry from the University of Florida and a BA from Knox College. Her work appears in Sweet Tree Review, Hawk & Handsaw, and Salamander. She is originally from Vancouver, Washington.



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