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  • Vacation, St. Petersburg, Florida
  • David Petruzelli (bio)

January 1932

They had finished setting out the blanket,chairs, and planting the blue-and-whitehotel umbrella, when Zelda walked acrossthe hot sand, past the other guests,down to the water and kept onuntil it was up to her breasts,and she was disappointed the waterwas so warm. But when she sawpoor, pale Scott sitting under their umbrella,looking as if he missed his jacketand knit tie, she swam out fartherthen waved, calling him to come join her.He was writing as he waved back,hardly pausing as he looked out at herthen back again to what he was doing.And later, when Scott finally went inthe water, he asked if she would like lunchat the hotel, and instead of answeringshe accused him of being a boreby drawing silly cartoons of herand the other bathers rather than workingon his book, and when he splashedher face, she splashed him back,and when he did it again, Zelda dippedher hand way down in the water;it was the coldest she could find. [End Page 111]

David Petruzelli

david petruzelli is the author of Everyone Coming Toward You. He lives in Washington Heights, New York.



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