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We are thrilled to present to you Pedagogy’s twentieth volume. Back in the late 1990s, it was clear that the need for a journal like this existed, but now twelve thousand pages of scholarship later, how delighted we are that it has thrived. Indeed, we get many more submissions each year than we can publish—a sadness, on the one hand, but also a testimony to the mission of the journal, articulated all the way back in issue 1: to create and nourish more conversation about teaching English in higher education. It has been a rich twenty years.

So we want to start this volume with gratitude. Journals take endless amounts of work—mostly done “on the side” of all other responsibilities—and a good deal of support. We are thankful to our institutions, Calvin University and Central Michigan University, and the team at Duke University Press. We are grateful, too, for the scholarly community that surrounds the journal: our editorial board members through the years, our associate editors, our authors, all the colleagues who have selflessly served as outside reviewers, and last but certainly not least, our readers.

Pedagogy, of course, is ultimately about students, and we have been fortunate throughout our history to have so many wonderful students serve as editorial assistants. Our editorial process is very lean, so we could not do it without their help. For the past three years, Isabelle Selles has been simply extraordinary in that role—so much so that, for the past year, she has been serving as managing editor. With Isabelle’s extremely capable assistance, we as editors have been able to expand our work, and the journal has flourished. [End Page 1]

In appreciation, we dedicate this twentieth anniversary volume to Isabelle Selles, with our deepest love and thanks.

Jennifer L. Holberg and Marcy Taylor
Founding Coeditors [End Page 2]

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