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  • somewhere in the ocean sinks a schizo
  • Jake Bailey (bio)

life gasps beneath   telephone cord   the tongue inherits teeth  from silence   the quiet of halos hung in trees   please, it’s alli have   half a form in milk-white womb a   tomb  bears nothing but a name   i’ve heard that God lives in bilge-rotswamps   that chaos dwells in polysemy   that it’s unnatural  to be a prophet   but hear these words   haunted isn’t a state of beingbut a happening it’s   happening now   and i’m all moon  light borrowed from “not enough” and “far too soon” [End Page 93]

Jake Bailey

Jake Bailey is a schizotypal confessionalist with published or forthcoming work in The American Journal of Poetry, Constellations, Glass: A Journal of Poetry, Parentheses Journal, FlyPaper Magazine, The Laurel Review, Pidgeonholes, Barren Magazine, and elsewhere. Twitter: @SaintJakeowitz Website:



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