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  • Index to American Quarterly Volume 71.4 March 2019 to December 2019
Adair, Cassius, Licensing Citizenship: Anti-Blackness, Identification Documents, and Transgender Studies 569
Adelman, Rebecca A., Immersion and Immiseration: Alejandro González Iñárritu's Carne y Arena (Event Review) 1093
Ahn, Christine, Disrupting War: Women Cross the Korean DMZ 1045
Arkee, Donna, w3 wi11 ov3rf10w ur cistem g4t3s: The Hackers of Resistance 287
Aune, Stefan, Euthanasia Politics and the Indian Wars 789
Awkward-Rich, Cameron, Thinking Black [Trans] Gender (Book Review) 903
Bailey, Marlon M., Whose Body Is This? On the Cultural Possibilities of a Radical Black Sexual Praxis 161
Bernu, Christopher, BLK Issues: Preserving BLK Magazine in the DuSable Museum of African American History Archives 397
Boulette, Matthew, On the Inertia of Appetite: Transient Relations from the Chinatown Opium Scene 813
Bow, Leslie, Racist Cute: Caricature, Kawaii-Style, and the Asian Thing 29
Boylan, Jessie, Grievability and Nuclear Memory 379
Breslow, Jacob, Adolescent Citizenship, or Temporality and the Negation of Black Childhood in Two Eras 473
Brown, Ruth Nicole, Pleasure Verses: A Five Element Set 179
Byrd, Jodi A., To Hear the Call and Respond: Grounded Relationalities and the Spaces of Emergence (Presidential Address) 337
Carney, Christina J., Centering Pleasure and Anti-Respectability in Black Studies 135
Chang, Jason, Finding Biopower at Sea 857
Chaar-López, Iván, Sensing Intruders: Race and the Automation of Border Control 495
Cheng, Wendy, Juan De Lara, Desert X 2019: Settler Colonial Imaginaries of the Desert (Event Review) 1077
Collins-White, Mali, Rethinking the Human: Anti-Respectability and Blackhood 141
Coviello, Peter, Secularism and Viable Life 889
Darda, Joseph, Like a Refugee: Veterans, Vietnam, and the Making of a False Equivalence 83
Dillon, Elizabeth Maddock, Zombie Biopolitics 625
Diran, Ingrid, Scenes of Speculation: Harriet Jacobs and the Biopolitics of Human Capital 697
Dominguez, Ricardo, Border Research, Border Gestures: The Transborder Immigrant Tool 1053
Elhalaby, Esmat, America's Areas 233
Eng, Chris, "Why Don't You Love Me?": Post/colonial Camp and the Imeldific Fetish in Here Lies Love 993
Estrada, William, Resilience and Power: Learning with Communities through Art 363
Farrell, Molly, Witch Hunts and Census Conflicts: Becoming a Population in Colonial Massachusetts 653
Fair, Freda L., Mahaliah Little, Erotic Illegibility and Desire in Representations of Black Sexuality 151
Feldman, Keith, Anti-Muslim Racism beyond Islamophobia (Book Review) 1141
Ferguson, Roderick A., To Catch a Light-Filled Vision: American Studies and the Activation of Radical Traditions (Presidential Address) 317
Friedman, Gabriella, The Social Life of Speculation 205
Garcia, Noelle, All We Own Is Ourselves 405
Glassburn, Ashley, Biopolitical Resistance to Indian Relocation in the Great Lakes 863
Glick, Megan H., The Infant as Biopolitical Absence: Materiality, Viability, Mortality 881
Glover, S. Tay, Julian Kevon Glover, "She Ate My Ass and My Pussy All Night": Deploying Illicit Eroticism, Funk, and Sex Work among Black Queer Women Femmes 171
Garner, Porshé R., Dominique C. Hill, Jessica L. Robinson, Durell M. Callier, Uncovering Black Girlhood(s): Black Girl Pleasures as Anti-respectability Methodology 191
González, Axel,The Nature of Racial Capitalism (Book Review) 1155
Gualtieri, Sarah M. A., The Syrian of Sleepy Lagoon: Ethnic Coalitions and Archival Silence 425
Gürel, Perin E., Amerikan Jokes: The Transnational Politics of Unlaughter in Turkey 59
Hardin, Carolyn, Armond Towns, Plastic Empowerment: Financial Literacy and Black Economic Life 969
Hatoum, Nayrouz Abu, Unsettling Visual Politics: Militarized Borders in the Work of Palestinian Artist Raeda Saadeh 1059
Heintz, Lauren, Fugitive Performance: Negotiating Biopower and the Law in US Chattel Slavery 675
Hanna, Karen Buenavista, Mark John Sanchez, Cultures of Empire and International Solidarity 219
Hernández, Sarita, Resisting the Museum: Archiving Trans* Presence and Queer Futures with Chris E. Vargas 371
Hogarth, Rana, Of Black Skin and Biopower: Lessons from the Eighteenth Century 837
Jackson, Shona N., Movement and Time: A Diasporic Response to Grounded Light (Presidential Address) 343
Johnson, Kendall A., The Sacred Fonts and Racial Frames of the American Mission Press: Mongolian Type, Chinese Exclusion, and the Transnational Figuration of Savagery 1
Kaell, Hillary, The Christian Horizon (Book Review) 1169
Kocurek, Carly A., Who We Were When the World Was Watching 295
Kondo, Dorinne, Soft Power: (Auto)ethnography, Racial Affect, and Dramaturgical Critique 265...


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