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  • Subject and Use Index

Keyed to The Bulletin's alphabetical arrangement by author, this index, which appears in each issue, can be used in three ways. Entries in regular type refer to subjects; entries in bold type refer to curricular or other uses; entries in ALL-CAPS refer to genres and appeals. In the case of subject headings, the subhead "stories" refers to books for the readaloud audience; "fiction," to those books intended for independent reading.

  • Actors and acting–fiction: Smejkal

  • Actors and acting–stories: Petty

  • ADVENTURE: Caletti; England; Ormsbee; Smith, R.; Tanaka; Troïanowski

  • African Americans: Russell-Brown

  • African Americans–fiction: Callender

  • African Americans–stories: Brown; Pumphrey

  • Afterlife–fiction: Noone

  • Animals: Salyer

  • Animals–fiction: Strong

  • Animals–stories: Eaton; Hernández; Marino; Petty; Rohner; Stanton

  • Anxiety–fiction: Lord

  • Appearance: Newman

  • Art: Guglielmo; Weill

  • Art and artists–stories: Guglielmo

  • Asian Americans–fiction: Wen

  • Astronomy: Lessac

  • Aviation: Fleming

  • Bears–stories: Gee

  • BEDTIME STORIES: Brown; Hughes, H.

  • BIOGRAPHIES: Fleming; López; Newman; Russell-Brown; Spencer

  • Birds–stories: Guglielmo; Stutzman

  • Bullies–fiction: Nugent

  • Camp–fiction: Wen

  • Cats–stories: Shaffer

  • Civics: Diesen; McNamara; Rubin

  • Civil rights: Diesen; McNamara; Rubin

  • Collecting–stories: Marcero

  • Computer science: Hesselberth

  • CONCEPT BOOKS: Hesselberth; Weill

  • Crime and criminals: Spradlin

  • Crime and criminals–fiction: England; Milford; Ormsbee; Smith, R.; Zhao

  • Current events: Maclear

  • Dance and dancing–fiction: Wen

  • Dance and dancing–stories: Gee

  • Death–fiction: Noone


  • Dinosaurs–stories: Hughes, H.

  • Disabilities: Newman

  • Dogs–fiction: Korman

  • Dogs–stories: Sullivan

  • Donkeys–stories: Stanton

  • Dreams–stories: Tanaka

  • Dystopias–fiction: Peevyhouse; Price

  • Ethics and values: Brian; Giles; Hernández; Preus; Rohner; Williams

  • FABLES: Hernández; Rohner

  • Faith–fiction: Smejkal

  • Families–fiction: Markovits; Messner; Nugent

  • Families–stories: Hellman

  • FANTASY: Caletti; England; Hughes, H.; Ilett; Johnston; Kemmerer; Price; Silvera; Smejkal; Smith, N.; Smith, R.; Zhao

  • Farms–stories: Pumphrey

  • Fathers–stories: Justus

  • Food and eating–stories: Eaton; Schmidt

  • Friends–fiction: Barnhart; Caletti; Korman; Markovits; Strong [End Page 242]

  • Friends–stories: Marcero

  • Frogs: Sayre

  • Games–stories: Rohner

  • Gangs–fiction: Price

  • Geography: Lessac

  • Government: Diesen; McNamara; Rubin

  • GRAPHIC NOVELS: Smith, N.; Troïanowski; Williams

  • Grief–fiction: Callender; del Rosario

  • Health: Brian

  • Historical fiction: Billet; Preus

  • History, U.S.: Diesen; Fleming; Rubin; Spradlin

  • History, world: Hopkinson

  • Hugs–stories: Hellman

  • Humor: Caletti; Grabenstein; Hell-man; Johnston; Justus; Marino; Rohner; Shaffer; Strong; Stutzman; Sullivan

  • Insects: Spencer

  • Islands–fiction: Ilett; Korman

  • Japan–fiction: Smith, S.

  • Jews: Hopkinson

  • Jews–fiction: Billet; Preus

  • Language arts: Sayre

  • Latinx people: López

  • Latinx people–stories: Brown

  • LGBTQIA people–fiction: Callender

  • Magic–fiction: Caletti; Silvera; Smith, R.;Troïanowski

  • Mathematics: Hesselberth

  • Music and musicians: López; Russell-Brown

  • MYSTERIES: Messner; Milford; Nugent

  • Naps–stories: Grabenstein

  • Nature study: Salyer; Sayre

  • Nazis: Seiple

  • Night: Lessac

  • Night–stories: Rhee

  • Pets–stories: Guglielmo

  • Politics–fiction: Kemmerer

  • Presidents: Spradlin

  • Quests–fiction: Johnston

  • Rabbits–stories: Marcero

  • Races–fiction: Ormsbee

  • Reading, beginning: Sullivan

  • Reading, easy: Sayre; Strong

  • Refugees–stories: Maclear

  • Relationships–fiction: Giles; Lord

  • Revenge–fiction: Price

  • RHYMING STORIES: Brown; Diesen; Hughes, H.; Sayre

  • Rocks–stories: Pilutti

  • Romance–fiction: Kemmerer; Lord; Noone; Smith, S.; Wen; Zhao

  • Royalty–fiction: Kemmerer; Troïanowski; Zhao

  • Runaways–fiction: Callender

  • Safety: Brian

  • School–fiction: Barnhart; Johnston; Markovits; Williams

  • SCIENCE FICTION: Ormsbee; Peevyhouse

  • Science: Pilutti; Salyer; Sayre; Spencer

  • Sex–fiction: Giles

  • Sexual abuse–fiction: Messner

  • Sexual assault–fiction: Barnhart

  • Sexual harassment–fiction: Barnhart

  • Sharing–stories: Hernández

  • Shyness–stories: Gee

  • Sisters–fiction: del Rosario; Ilett

  • Social media–fiction: Silvera

  • Space travel–fiction: Peevyhouse

  • Spies and espionage: Seiple

  • Storytime: Grabenstein; Stanton; Stuzman

  • Superheroes–stories: Shaffer

  • Tattoos–fiction: Smejkal

  • Theater–stories: Petty

  • Time–stories: Schmidt

  • Trans people–fiction: Smith, N.

  • Trucks–stories: Pumphrey

  • Twins–fiction: Smith, N.

  • VERSE NOVELS: del Rosario

  • Voting: Diesen; Rubin

  • Voting–stories: McNamara

  • Voyages and travel–stories: Hughes, H.

  • Women's studies: Williams


  • Work: Weill

  • Work–stories: Rhee

  • World War II: Hopkinson; Seiple

  • World War II–fiction: Billet; Preus; Smith, S.

  • Wrestling–stories: Justus [End Page 243]



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