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  • Kid Coach by Rob Justus
  • Natalie Berglind

Kid Coach yanks his couch potato Dad from his couchy perch one day to train him into the greatest wrestler of all. Now, as Kid Coach's scrawny stick of a father repeatedly pummels "big guys, bad guys, bald guys, and a scary guy with tattoos of big, bad, bald guys," the coaching appears to be a success. As Dad experiences the euphoria of being an undefeated champion, though, he becomes incredibly cocky, leering at fellow wrestlers and "rudest of all … he won't even shake hands." Kid realizes he forgot to teach his dad that being a champion also means handling victories with grace, and Dad apologizes to the other wrestlers with a bag of potato chips to make friends and heal their sore feelings. This romp of a readaloud has a lot of character, and whether viewers are wrestling fans or not, they are sure to get a chuckle out of Kid Coach's antics with couch-potato-turned-pro-wrestler Dad. Justus' digital art mimics crayon and oils as it exaggeratedly depicts Dad's skinny form (and his jutting cleft chin) and the wrestlers' ginormous figures against glowing saturated pinks and purples. This would be an excellent choice for a discussion of that hard-to-grasp concept of sportsmanship, as well as just being pure wacky fun.



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