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  • Pitter Pattern by Joyce Hesselberth
  • Elizabeth Bush

Hesselberth, Joyce Pitter Pattern; written and illus. by Joyce Hesselberth. Greenwillow, 2020 [34p] Trade ed. ISBN 978-0-06-274123-3 $17.99 Reviewed from galleys R 3-7 yrs

Hesselberth follows her engaging concept book Mapping Sam (BCCB 10/18) with an exploration of patterns that are easily observable in the natural and manmade world—if you know how to spot them. The book follows a week in little Lu's life, from the boot, boot, puddle line of drippy footwear her buddies make on a rainy-day playdate at her house, to their milk, apple, cracker, cheese snacks and the blue, yellow, red flowers in the vase. At Monday's soccer practice Lu and teammates kick the hexagonally patterned ball "in, out. In, out. In, out" of the triangular cones; Tuesday's piano lesson features repeating patterns of black and white keys and clapped rhythms for her song; at Wednesday's dance class Lu repeats a jump, hop, kick, and twirl routine. Hesselberth explicitly notes many of the patterns but also encourages children to find more on their own, providing a range of challenge in her examples that will satisfy many ages at once. A closing note defines types of patterns, particularly "repeating" and "growing," and encourages kids to look closely and make predictions. This is a strong concept title that introduces early computational thinking based in everyday elements, making it accessible to kids of all stripes (and other patterns). The clear crisp-edged figures in the multimedia illustrations make this a strong choice for group sharing, but even young lapsitters will enjoy one-on-one time figuring out "what comes next." [End Page 210]



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