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  • Ode to My Morning Meds, and: Lectio Divina: Big Barda and Mister Miracle, Mister Miracle #5, and: I Tell My Mother about My Depression
  • Eric Tran (bio)

Ode to My Morning Meds

Tossed to mymouth's silknight skywhere livethe lion andthe loversand the archerwhose lyrebegged a museto createapplausea murderof thunder-claps cryingjoy or a soulwhipped likeboughsin the nightstormthat picksits petalslike scabsopen budswhere fruitwill bloom. [End Page 92]

Lectio Divina: Big Barda and Mister Miracle, Mister Miracle #5

Days after he cut openhis wrists, he says 'You could ask me,y'know. To stay.I'd fight.' And she says

'I can't … Scott, I told you. I'm notyour way out. All I can beis your wife.'

In the dark, my love,I could be your windowof flame—But to savethe candle, you have tosnuff it out.

I could have never let himleave like the last webs of night.I could have stood like a duneagainst the tide.

The sun lost iceto its own embrace,to the roots of mapleswhose leaves make starsof their absence. [End Page 93]

I Tell My Mother about My Depression

She is ashamed of my seasickness,her son, bled down from boat people.

We are kidding, of course: between wavesand prayers to Mercy, she swore

her child would never knowthe damp of hunger in his bones.

She wanted him fat as clayand twice as soft. In college, I lost

ten pounds of myself and halfthe words she sang to me as a baby.

The aunties cooed my new framebut she was silent, both of us

famished for the words we meant.With what coals still hold warmth,

I say I'm sad from sun to sunand her response is a crisp

twenty for the quiet burger jointwe went to when I was young

and we saw the world with the samelanguage but still never talked,

or didn't need to, our mouths andbellies singing a hymn of fullness. [End Page 94]

Eric Tran

Eric Tran is a resident physician in Asheville, NC. His work appears in DIAGRAM, Black Warrior Review, the Shallow Ends, Best of the Net, and elsewhere. His chapbook, Revisions, is available from Sibling Rivalry Press.