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Brugger, E. Christian Masek, Intention, Character, and Double Effect
Craig, William Lane Pruss, Infinity, Causation, and Paradox
DaVia, Carlo Karbowski, Aristotle's Method in Ethics
Detlefsen, Karen Boyle, The Well-Ordered Universe: The Philosophy of Margaret Cavendish
Dougherty, Jude P Farrell, How Theology Shaped Twentieth-Century Philosophy
Stromberg, Realism, Naturalism, and Symbolism: Modes of Thought and Expression in Europe, 1848-1914
Feingold, Lawrence Von Hildebrand, Aesthetics
Feser, Edward De Ridder, Peels, and van Woudenberg, eds., Scientism: Prospects and Problems
Hayes, Andrew Flood, The Metaphysical Foundations of Love: Aquinas on Participation, Unity, and Union
Kosky, Jeffrey L Coe, Levinas and the Trauma of Responsibility: The Ethical Significance of Time
De Laurentiis, Allegra Kervégan, The Actual and the Rational: Hegel and Objective Spirit
Marra, Jennifer Korsgaard, Fellow Creatures: Our Obligations to the Other Animals
McQuillan, J. Colin Lu-Adler, Kant and the Science of Logic
Moschella, Melissa Condic and Condic, Human Embryos, Human Beings: A Scientific and Philosophical Approach
Parens, Joshua Snell and McGuire, eds., Concepts of Nature: Ancient and Modern
Tkacz, Michael W. Byrne, Aristotle's Science of Matter and Motion
Wilson, Jeffrey Dirk Verene, The Philosophy of Literature: Four Studies
Weir, Logan B. List, Why Free Will Is Real

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