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  • Research (2016–2019)

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Master's Theses

Caceres, Roman. 2017. Lexical Categories in Lengua De Señas Argentina. 10273197, The University of North Dakota.
Contreras, Jessica. 2016. Accounting for the Language Variance in Executive Function." 10241007, Rochester Institute of Technology.
French, Katelin Jo. 2018. Reference Tracking in Ethiopian Sign Language. 10974594, The University of North Dakota.
Gray, Beth C. 2018. The Impact of Translation on Constructed Action and Constructed Dialogue in ASL Texts. 10844489, The University of North Dakota.
Grosso, Tamara Michelle. 2017. Referring Forms and Cognitive Status in Non-Narrative American Sign Language Texts. 10641286, The University of North Dakota.
Iseli, Jacqueline. 2018. Deaf Ni-Vanuatu and Their Signs: A Sociolinguistic Study. Victoria University of Wellington, Australia.
Smith, Kaitlyn. 2017. Synthesis of Sign and Speech in a New Zealand Sign Language Target Session: Oral Channel Variation of Hearing Bimodal Bilingual Children of Deaf Parents. Victoria University of Wellington, Australia.
Sohre, Jessica. 2017. Structural Narratology in Romanian Sign Language Personal Experience Narratives. 10618626, The University of North Dakota.

Doctoral Dissertations

Alamri, Ghithan. 2017. Teachers' Beliefs and Attitudes about Saudi Arabia Sign Language. 10616872, Lamar University–Beaumont.
Alqarni, Farraj. 2017. Hearing Parents of Deaf Children in Saudi Arabia: Communication Modes and Challenges. 10274117, Lamar University–Beaumont.
Alzahrani, Ahmed. 2017. Attitudes of Saudi Arabian Deaf College Students: Their Assimilation Experiences while Studying in the United States. 10616590, Lamar University–Beaumont.
Anderson, Emily Vey. 2017. The Discourse Marker "But" in English to ASL Interpretations. 10277250, Lamar University–Beaumont.
Anible, Benjamin. 2016. Iconicity Effects in Translation Direction: Bimodal Bilingual Lexical Processing. 10155487, The University of New Mexico.
Barker, Ayrora Fain. 2016. The Effects of a Parent Implemented Infant Signing Intervention on Communication Skills for Young Hearing Children with Diagnosed Language Delays. 10123675, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro.
Basonbul, Najwa Abood. 2018. Sign Bilingualism and Arabic Literacy: Using Pvr with Deaf Girls in Saudi Arabia. 11001353, University of London, University College London.
Blu Wakpa, Makha. 2017. Cyclical Continuity and Multimodal Language Planning for Indigenous North America. 10184826, The University of Arizona.
Brozdowski, Christopher R. 2018. Forward Modeling in the Manual Modality: Linguistic and Nonlinguistic Predictions by American Sign Language Users. 10845461, University of California, San Diego and San Diego State University.
Clark, Brenda Rae. 2017. A Grammatical Sketch of Sivia Sign Language. 10805648, University of Hawai'i at Manoa.
Clark, Lewana M. 2018. The Interactive Courtroom: The Deaf Defendant Watches How the Speaker Is Identified for Each Turn-at-Talk During a Team Interpreted Event. 11012617, Gallaudet University.
Cobb, Gretchen Thom. 2017. Habitus of Deafhood: Compiling a Corpus-Based Academic ASL Dictionary Using the Sociolinguistic Practices of Deaf Individuals. 10265445, Indiana University of Pennsylvania.
Conly, Christopher. 2016. Improving Accuracy in Large Vocabulary Sign Search Systems. 10302018, The University of Texas at Arlington.
Cooper Matthews, Soraya. 2016. Instructional Design for Deaf Students: An Experimental Study of Multimedia Instruction and Cognitive Load. 10306943, University of Kentucky.
Crawley, Victoria Louise. 2016. Achieving Understanding via Interpreter Participation in Sign Language/English Map Task Dialogues: An Analysis of Repair Sequences Involving Ambiguity and Underspecificity in Signed and Spoken Modes. 10589825, University of Leeds, United Kingdom.
Czubek, Todd A. 2017. A Comprehensive Analysis of Referring Expressions in American Sign Language. 10269533, Boston University.
Dicus, Danica. 2018. Towards Corpus-Based Sign Language Interpretation Studies: A Critical Look at the Relationship between Linguistic Data and Software Tools. Department of Linguistics, Gallaudet University.
Ergin, Rabia. 2017. Central Taurus Sign Language: A Unique Vantage Point into Language Emergence. 10277095, Tufts University.
French, Martha M. 2016. A Show of Hands: The Local Meanings and Multimodal Resources of Hip Hop Designed, Performed, and Posted to You-Tube by Deaf Rappers. 10179022, University of Rochester.
Gala, Nicholas Michael. 2017. Emotional Display Rules of Deaf Culture: An Evaluation of Emotional Expression. 10674035, Gallaudet University.
Galloza-Carrero, Amarilys. 2018. Deaf Hispanic/Latino Children's Attention and Language Acquisition: A Longitudinal Study. 11012683, Gallaudet University.
Gangwish, Kimberly S. 2017. Representation of Deaf Characters and Culture in Young Adult Fiction. 10642993, University of Nebraska at Omaha.
Garbett, Christine Marie. 2016. Literacies in Context: Working-Class Deaf Adults. 10115800, Bowling Green State University.
Gerke, Andrea C. 2016...


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