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  • Studies in English Literature 1500–1900Volume 59, 2019


Abstracts, Autumn 971
Abstracts, Spring 481
Abstracts, Summer 715
Abstracts, Winter 255
Bates, Catherine, “Recent Studies in the English Renaissance” 203
Bevington, David, and Stephen Bevington, “Sweet Swan of Avon: Rivers in Shakespeare” 329
Browning, Logan D., “Introduction: Shakespeare’s Waters” 325
Cameron, Lauren, “Infertility and Darwinian Anthropology in Anthony Trollope’s Phineas Novels” 893
Campana, Joseph, “Introduction: Shakespeare’s Waters” 325
Campana, Joseph, “Shakespeare, as the Waters Rise” 415
Cohen, Monica F., “Bleak House’s Characters in Hand and Type” 813
Crewe, Jonathan, “Reading Rapture: Richard Crashaw’s Saint Teresa” 135
Crimmins, Jonathan, “Reconciliation in David Garrick’s Harlequin’s Invasion and Cymbeline 559
Crow, Andrea, “The Poetics of Ethical Eating in George Herbert’s The Temple 91
Duckert, Lowell, “Pericles’s Deep Ecology” 367
Duffy, Timothy, “Epistolary Copulation in John Donne’s Verse Letters” 67
Eklund, Hillary, “Shakespeare’s Littoral and the Dramas of Loss and Store” 349
Fogarty, Hannah, “Touch, Consciousness, and Sympathy in Silas Marner 873
Froid, Daniel, “Charlotte Smith’s Ugly Feelings” 605
Fulford, Tim, “Wordsworth Elegizing the Lyrical Ballad in the 1830s and 1840s” 787
Gilbert, Pamela K., “Recent Studies in the Nineteenth Century” 913
Hackenbracht, Ryan, “Marvell, Dryden, and Commercial Fishing Propaganda during the Angle-Dutch Wars” 485
Harper, David A., “The First Annotator of Paradise Lost and the Makings of English Literary Criticism” 507
Higginbotham, Jennifer, “Girls and Sexuality in Seventeenth-Century Love Lyrics” 153
Hodgson, Andrew, “Thomas Gray’s Finish” 531
Hogarth, Alan James, “Atomic Theory in John Donne’s ‘Obsequyes vpon the Lord Harrington’” 21
Kellogg, Amanda, “Power and Portraiture in Early Modern Literature” 1
Lehtonen, Kelly, “The Intelligence of Negative Passion and the Collapse of Stoicism in King Lear 259
Lewis, Jayne, “Recent Studies in the Restoration and Eighteenth Century” 667
MacKay, Ellen, “Recent Studies in Tudor and Stuart Drama” 429
Mentz, Steve, “Shakespeare and the Blue Humanities” 383
Mulrooney, Jonathan, “Keats’s 1817 Occasions” 741
Parker, Deven M., “Epistolary Form in the Age of the Post Office” 625
Peacocke, Emma, “The British Museum and Fanny Price’s East Room” 719
Peterson, Brice, “George Herbert’s Literary Career as a Holy Laureate” 113
Phelan, Joseph, “Arthur Hugh Clough, Francis James Child, and Mid-Victorian Chaucer” 855
Sell, Jonathan P. A., “Shakespeare’s Sea and the Frontier of Knowledge” 393
Sheriko, Nicole, “Ben Jonson’s Puppet Theater and Modeling Interpretive Practice” 281
Sperry, Eileen M., “Decay, Intimacy, and the Lyric Metaphor in John Donne” 45
Taylor, Megan, “Reading with Feeling in Camilla and Belinda 647
VanWagoner, Benjamin D., “Pirate Economics in Robert Daborne’s A Christian Turned Turk 305
Warren, Andrew, “‘Incomprehensible Contexture[s]’: Laurence Sterne and David Hume on Entanglement” 581
Whitaker, Curtis, “Andrew Marvell on Renaissance Translation Practice” 177
Yuan, Yin, “Thomas Moore’s Confectionary Orientalism” 763


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