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CONTENTS ARTICLES Black Romanticism: A Manifesto paul youngquist 3 Droit du Seigneur, Slavery, and Nation in the Poetry of Edward Rushton Gregory pierrot 15 Haiti and the Black Box of Romanticism kieran murphy 37 “Princely Offspring of Braganza”: The “Brazil Plan” for Portugal and the Miscarriage of British Abolition, 1806-1815 joselyn m. almeida 55 Haiti and the Black Romantics: Enlightenment and Color Prejudice After the Haitian Revolution in Alexandre Dumas’s Georges (1843) MARLENE L. DAUT 73 Bound by “the Principles of 1776”: Dilemmas in Anglo-American Romanticism and Douglass’s The Heroic Slave KELVIN C. BLACK 93 Afterthoughts: Romanticism, the Black Atlantic, and Self-Mapping JOEL PACE 113 Leibniz, the Infinite, and Blake’s Early Metaphysics JOSEPH FLETCHER 129 Moles, Molehills, and Common Right in John Clare’s Poetry katey Castellano 157 Limited Analogies: Reading Relations in Wordsworth’s The Borderers TAYLOR SCHEY 177 “Sent Here For Her Health”: Accounting for Sanditon’s Economies rebecca Richardson 203 Linnaeus’s Botanical Clocks: Chronobiological Mechanisms in the Scientific Poetry of Erasmus Darwin, Charlotte Smith, and Felicia Hemans MELISSA BAILES 223 Fancy’s Eye: Poetic Vision and the Romantic Air Balloon IVAN ORTIZ 253 Introduction: Waterloo and PHILIP SHAW AND British Romanticism TOM TOREMANS 309 From Pantomime to Poetry: Wordsworth, Byron, and Harlequin Read Waterloo JEFFREY N. COX 321 575 576 CONTENTS First as Farce, then as Tragedy: Waterloo in British Song Janies Montgomery’s Waterloo: War and the Poetics of History Waterloo Remembered: Thomas Moore and the Diplomatic Legacy of the Battle of Waterloo in the Nineteenth Century “A Revolution in the Republic of Letters”: The News from Waterloo and the Post-Waterloo Media State OSKAR COX JENSEN 34I NEIL RAMSEY 361 FREDERIK VAN DAM 379 BRECHT DE GROOTE 399 “Strong hold and fountain-head of their idolatry”: The Juggernaut in the Work of Claudius Buchanan and Shelley’s The Triumph of Life Joseph defalco lamperez 423 “The Slangwhangery of the Jargonists”: Writing, Speech, and the Character of Romanticism daniel e. white 453 Repurposing and the Literary Magazine mark Parker 479 Cosmopugilism: Thomas Moore’s Boxing Satires and the Post-Napoleonic Congresses julia m. wright 499 Coleridge’s “Multeity in Unity” and the Statuesque and Picturesque Impulses JASPREET S. TAMBAR 525 BOOK REVIEWS Michael Gamer’s Romanticism, Self-Canonization, and the Business of Poetry, reviewed by Octavia Cox 285 Ashley Cross’s Mary Robinson and the Genesis of Romanticism: Literary Dialogues and Debts, 1784—1821, reviewed by Kate Singer 288 Timothy Michael’s British Romanticism and the Critique of Political Reason, reviewed by Jamison Kantor 293 Theo Davis’s Ornamental Aesthetics: The Poetry of Attending in Thoreau, Dickinson, and Whitman, reviewed by Alex Moskowitz 297 Timothy Campbell’s Historical Style: Fashion and the New Mode of History, 1740—1830, reviewed by Chloe Wigston Smith 300 Julia Carlson’s Romantic Marks and Measures: Wordsworth’s Poetry in Fields of Print, reviewed by Jonathan Sachs 55i CONTENTS 577 Alan Bewell’s Natures in Translation: Romanticism and Colonial Natural History, reviewed by Sharon Ruston 554 Evan Gottlieb’s Romantic Realities: Speculative Realism and British Romanticism, reviewed by Chris Washington 558 D. B. Ruderman’s The Idea of Infancy in Nineteenth-Century British Poetry: Romanticism, Subjectivity, Form, reviewed by Ann Wierda Rowland 561 Benjamin Kim’s Wordsworth, Hemans, and Politics, 1800-1830: Romantic Crises, reviewed by Amy L. Gates 564 ...


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