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  • Market Day, and: Market Day II
  • Katy Lederer (bio)

Market Day

It was the market dayand I had rented a stileby which I could number my patrons;and a tree, so that I could plant somethingliving by my selling stand;and a hefty snatch of my favorite black clothso that I could mimic mourningand people might think that my husband had died(which he had not).

But knowing that patronsoffered more money to women in black,I pretended as such and left some of the coinsburied after I had packed up my stand.I supposed that burying themmight make up for my pretending.I had also to uproot the treeand then take it back to my brother-in-law,so there was already a great gaping hole in the ground. [End Page 55]

Market Day II

I slapped my chickens with a ruleras they looked at their privates—they were ashamed and walkedas if they were kings.I had punctured the chestof the cavity rooster.

My dog was licking my anklesand giving me wedding rings.It was too much to care—so I took money from womenby pretending that I was a husbandand then left my dog in my placewhen I woke up in their beds.

I saved dimes in their mouths, though,and then I'd pull their chains—I'd pretend that I was the tooth fairythen take all their money. [End Page 56]

Katy Lederer

Katy Lederer is the author of the poetry collections Winter Sex (Verse/Wave Books), The Heaven-Sent Leaf (BOA Editions), and The bright red horse—and the blue—(Atelos), as well as the memoir Poker Face: A Girlhood Among Gamblers (Crown). Her chapbook, The Children, was recently published by above/ground press. She lives in Brooklyn.



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