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—it keeps its own low profile—working in the backgroundto the selfless indirections of its own momentum

like roadside banks seeded by road repair in their scatterof crown vetch over the landscapes of open highways

—then let be—ground cover for protection of disturbed soils

—reasonably dense nutritive hardy—low maintenance—perennial once established—cost-effective self-sustaining

attractive enough and excellent for its purpose—it has a niche

—unnoticed at accelerated cruising speeds—synchronizinga cellular and insulated conversation with eyes focused

on the road—ignoring the blur of the rooted bloom that inextremes of drought and flood keeps dust and stone in place

—a definite—animate scent—if noticed—only up close—

—in—between bees—winter—dies back to almost nothing [End Page 78]

Roger Desy

Roger Desy works a small body of poems until they work themselves. His hope is that after a hard workout these poems breathe clear air. A few are in Cortland Review, Midwest Quarterly, Poet Lore, and South Carolina Review. He taught literature and creative writing and edited technical manuals. Now it's pretty much only lyrics.



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