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  • What New Name
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What new name will you bear in a world governed by code and calculationWhat program will reveal the ratio between communal identities and the loss of the bodyYou are not known or pronouncedYour nonce nonchalance does not convinceYour scores are neither high enough to qualify, nor deep enough to be legible, nor detailed enough to play fromCustodian of nothing, childless, rude and startledSo many scintillating shards or conversations when things shatterSavagely unbodied by the microscopic architecture of psalmless palmDrawn means tired or created or a naked sword or tied up and torn asunderIt's not loving someone who can't love you back, but the end of loving them that's the saddestNow emotional intimacy has tech, yoga has tech, sex has tech, even tech has techYou don't even know what day it is, what the weather is like or where you're supposed to be nextLet yourself be found like water through rocks, you are what's lost, you are the pool collecting in the groundSpeak now speak always speak in the long undrawn colloquy of night [End Page 7]

Kazim Ali

Kazim Ali's most recent books are a collection of poetry, Inquisition (Wesleyan University Press, 2018), and a collection of essays, Silver Road: Essays, Maps, and Calligraphies (Tupelo Press, 2018).



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