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624 CHRISTIANITY AND LITERATURE Etymology Lesson 1 (uses Latin and Spanish words; lines 3 and 4 borrow from Psalm 37:1, KJV) Can you see the root of the Word? / Are sinners invidious to you? / Invidious means sinful commodity is far away from thee / Be thou not envious against the workers of iniquity / Even in videos / In ver / Ver from videre to see / Can you ver the blessing that seems / far away? / Or are you / in videre / in vid ere / ere / before you err / before your air goes / ergo / pongo / poner / re ponere: to put away / pon to pos / pain to positive / repository: a storage space / reponere the Word where you can videre / not because of com + modus (com =with / modus =measure) / nor measured spatial convenience / but sacrificium / sacer facere / say: no me pongo twisted / pain go / facere sacer = make holy / sacrificium / and then re- sacrificium / facere sacer / facere sacer your REP 0 S I T 0 R Y KINZEE ELLIS ...


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