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CHRISTIANITY AND LITERATURE Philoxenia "Show the love ofstrangers to one another..." -St. Peter So, you are traveling by truck on island roads, resting in strangers' homes, hiking by the shore pines. I am in the kitchen, crushing garlic with a stone while the thought of you arrives stark as a stranger. My hands shut like a tulip from the cold. Didn't mother teach us not to talk to strangers? For you are changing, like us all, stranger always than the day before. And the chance that you will love me? Stranger yet. Stranger than the leaves returning like the resurrection fern. Stranger than the bare pillars of the black oak shivering so publicly, shed of their yearly confessions, but reaching. I thumb through fallen leaves and wait for you, like Abraham waited for the Lord beneath the oaks but saw, instead, some traveling strangers and welcomed these angels to break the bread. MARY ROMERO 623 ...


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