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CHRISTIANITY AND LITERATURE Testament Interrogator:What isyour profession? Priest: Servantof God. Interrogator:Where does your master live? Priest: Everywhere. Interrogator (to a clerk): Takethis down: X, describinghimself servant of one calledGod, a vagrant. -from the annals ofthe Paris Commune, 1871 It's hard not to sympathize with the Communards, and with this [acobin interrogator, who's had it up to bloody here with priests, their rules, their wealth, their cold looks, their fantasies about serving Someone in the sky or, as it may be, in the chateaux, the public urinals, the parks and barracks-God lives everywhere, let the record reflect. This is absurd, but the witty Red has unwittingly translated the notion into gospel truth: Call him crazy, but the Nazarene insistedlike any Christian worthy of the namethat God is a vagrant looking for a home, a handout, a nurse, a visitor in prison... the clerk takes it down. J. MORRIS 565 ...


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