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CHRISTIANITY AND LITERATURE In the Midst of Contemplative Prayer God shows up with a leafblower, talking in quiet Spanish to the lawn crew that manicures the beds outside our chapel. Inside, we all look up like prairie dogs, then burrow down deeper as the blowers scream and roar. 'Thereading for today is Mark 6. After feeding the five thousand, Christ "made his disciples get in the boat:' 'Thatnight He reappeared in the storm, walking across the water. 'Theysaw Him and were terrified. 'Thewind died down. After prayer we walk in silence through the parking lot. 'Thecrew has left. His wandering disciples couldn't understand the food He gave. Indeed, "their hearts were hardened:' In our separate cars, we check the schedule, engines idling. Same time next week. Thoughts tumble and swirl, the less, the more. 417 418 CHRISTIANITY AND LITERATURE Soon enough we'll all be gone, lines and empty spaces, the sounds of traffic far away. RICHARD COLE ...


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