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CHRISTIANITY AND LITERATURE Sparrow Lament Youfall, sparrow-bone, God-eyed leaf, black hair of ox, kernel of wheat, gold blown from the stalk. You lift wood, trudge, and lurch, your back pulped. You would spit up the cup-dregs for reliefbut no, you want not; you believe your master's dream. Youtoss your dreams like chaff to the breeze. Youlift wood. You fall, thin coin, widow's all, copper seed into the mouth of the box. She brushed you a hundred times, so good to hold, but better to drop. Wood weights you, snapped bone, wind-flung leaf. Youfall. WILLIAM KELLEY WOOLFITT 319 320 CHRISTIANITY AND LITERATURE King of Hush King of hush, king of hidden things, of blood pulsing through veins and arteries, king of fresh yeast, and salt, and sprouting seed, the dog-woman's crumbs, the lost son's ring. Slave of the stick's thud and the whip's sting, slave of fall on your face and slump in the street, of whimper and grunt, slave of creeping things, of blood leaking and pebbles biting into knees. Lover fallen like a star, trampled but lighting the woman who poured her tears on your feet, men who reek of sardines, boat-pitch, and the sea, minnow eggs and the first frog in the spring, small voices, foolish things. WILLIAM KELLEY WOOLFITT ...


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