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Theodicy I’m not asking for proof or an alibi, but when Your name comes up at accidents it would help to know what we’re dealing with— wind that got away? The fact of ice, black ice even, as risks crystallize? Or is it . . . us? As if the precipice isn’t there until we look down; as if —what? Doubt could add risk. So could denial: Wildfires? Natural disasters? Or the avalanche of setbacks, disappointments, even harm. Acquit Yourself! Dismiss the charges! Or, when You judge, call me to the bench; put Your hand over the mic so the others won’t hear, and You won’t have to whisper. for Mark Walters ßToby Goostree Author biography Toby Goostree’s poems have appeared in Santa Clara Review, Pittsburgh Poetry Review, Kansas City Voices and By and By Poetry. He lives in Kansas City with his wife, Amy. ‘‘Votive Tablet’’ and ‘‘Heaven’’ VOTIVE TABLET From the mouth of the boy the dove flutters in a circle and quickly hides in the mouth of his mother under the open dome Poetry 707 ...


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