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  • ContentsVolume 46

Acosta López, María del Rosario, and Gustavo Quintero. Decolonizing Collective Action, 46.2: 4–9.

Ahern, Mal. Cinema’s Automatisms and Industrial Automation, 46.4: 6–33.

Bourgeus, Camille. Work/Space: Labor and Realism in the Cinema of Wang Bing, 46.4: 56–71.

Chrostowska, S. D. The Flesh Is Not Sad: Returns of the Body in the Modern Utopian Tradition, 46.3: 4–30.

Ciccariello-Maher, George. The Time of the Commune, 46.2: 72–94.

Cimatti, Felice. The “New” and the Imaginary in the South: Calabria in Contemporary Italian Cinema, 46.1: 98–101.

Cruz, Tupac, and Lorena Espitia. Images, 46.2.

Diran, Ingrid. Marx’s Silkworm: Valuable Life and the Life of Value, 46.1: 4–29.

Gualdrón Ramírez, Miguel. Resistance and Expanse in Nuestra América: José Martí, with Édouard Glissant and Gloria Anzaldúa, 46.2: 12–29.

Harrison, Olivia C. Whither Anti-Racism? Farida Belghoul, les Indigènes de la République, and the Contest for Indigeneity in France, 46.3: 54–77.

Larson, Max. Optimizing Chess: Philology and Algorithmic Culture, 46.1: 30–53.

Lehman, Robert S. Novelty, Non-Conceptuality, and Aesthetic Experience, 46.1: 54–79.

Lillywhite, Austin. Is Posthumanism a Primitivism? Networks, Fetishes, and Race, 46.3: 100–119.

Mecchia, Giuseppina. Rendering the Nineteenth Century: Narrative Time and Hegemonic Struggles in Raúl Ruiz’s Mysteries of Lisbon, 46.1: 80–97.

Mendoza-de Jesús, Ronald. Desire, Bent: Temporal Ruptures in Two Poems by Julia De Burgos, 46.2: 118–35.

Murray, Timothy. The Sediments of Duration’s Heave: Curating the 2018 CCA Biennial, 46.1: 102–23.

Pinkus, Karen, and John David Rhodes. Cinema: Labor, 46.4: 4–5.

Quintero, Gustavo. Interrupted Temporalities: Camilo Torres and El Frente Unido, 46.2: 52–70.

Resmini, Mauro. The Worker as Figure: On Elio Petri’s The Working Class Goes to Heaven, 46.4: 72–95.

Rhodes, John David. Art Cinema’s Immaterial Labors, 46.4: 96–116.

Sacco, Damiano. The Potence of Queer: A Study of the Contamination of the Concept, 46.3: 32–52.

Schwaighofer, Pascal. Images, 46.3: 122–35.

Söderbäck, Fanny. Performative Presence: Judith Butler and the Temporal Regimes of Global Assembly, 46.2: 32–49.

Terada, Rei. In the Place of Labor’s Exhaustion: Ogawa Pro’s A Japanese Village, 46.4: 34–55.

Williams, Jeffrey J., and Jane Gallop. Sexual/Theoretical Politics: An Interview with Jane Gallop, 46.3: 80–98.

Zambrana, Rocío. Pasarse Políticamente: Interrupting Neoliberal Temporality, 46.2: 96–116. [End Page 119]



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