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  • Post Meridiem
  • Stephanie Chang (bio)

after Hayao Miyazaki

In Seattle, my mother dreams up        a surplus of wolves. We are walking

down a light-rimmed road, the bus stop        slick with saliva. I am searching her eyes

for knife wounds, places where the dogs        colonized first. This is what every good

daughter should do: I practice eating        pork dumplings in the hotel suite,

stomach ginger root to keep parasites        from whitening my body.

In the morning, we remember the ocean        differently. We listen for a train flickering

twice over the horizon. I see my mother's        face in the water, her cheeks bulbous

and hairline draining, strands rising        to bob at the surface. The train arrives,

hued blue by waves bruising her breast.        Inside: a red sanctuary. All the seats

are occupied with ghosts, smoke        leaving through cracked lips. My mother [End Page 75]

says she is surprised we are still alive.        She dreams of things unborn. I want

to look like a bird, run through the air.        Or steal xiao long bao from the pockets

of passersby and haggle with the wolves.        The wolves whose skin I chew

until my teeth gray in defeat.        (It's midnight in my head again.)

My mother doesn't know we came here        to say goodbye. Her lungs an echo

chamber for the station's arrival jingle—        I just want to go home, 張雅雯.

She presses her fingers lazily against fog.        I want to scrub my fists with coal,

open them to inherit her animals. [End Page 76]

Stephanie Chang

Stephanie Chang is a high school student from Richmond, BC, Canada. Her work appears or is forthcoming in Adroit Journal, Glass: A Journal of Poetry, Cosmonauts Avenue, and others. She writes for Her Culture.



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