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  • Gawker Slowdown
  • Roy White (bio)

A gawker slowdown is what it allcomes down to, each of us longingfor eyewitness evidencethat the form slumped in the crumpled caris not wearing our clothes.I tell myself I'm notthe chatty shill in the toilet-bowlmaelstrom, nor the worm in the bottle,certainly not the giant foam handpointing a pointless fingerat the vacant sky.

My grandfather never learnedthey couldn't hear him, the people on The Edgeof Night and As the World Turns.He'd worry at the doe-eyed girlformed by the electron beam and say"I wouldn't do that," or "Don't you knowthat man ain't no good?" the sameas he'd told his only daughterabout that cottonmouth of an Emilshe ran off to Saint Louis with.

At least, so I imagine—By the time I sat on his lap,watching inscrutable soapsand waiting for a Juicy Fruitfrom his overalls pocket, they'd bothbeen dead for years, my auntand the man who killed her. [End Page 26]

Roy White

Roy White is a blind person who lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota, with a lovely human and an affable lab mix. His work has appeared in POETRY, BOAAT, Glass, Tinderbox, and elsewhere, and he can be found on Twitter at @surrealroy.



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