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  • Charles Leland Sonnichsen Award WinnersFor best article in one volume of the Journal of Arizona History
  • 2018: Mary Melcher, "Divorce in the Desert: Unhappy Marriages and Female Autonomy in Arizona, 1870–1930"

  • 2017: Michael A. Amundson, "Seeing Arizona, Imagining Mars: Deserts, Canals, Global Climate Change, and the American West"

  • 2016: Nick Di Taranto, "A Mountain in a Sea of Sprawl: Preserving Phoenix's Camelback Mountain, 1954–1973"

  • 2015: Mike Speelman, "'Unhappy Differences Have Arisen': Anna Charouleau and a Wife's Property Rights in Territorial Arizona"

  • 2014: Maurice Crandall, "Wassaja Comes Home: A Yavapai Perspective on Carlos Montezuma's Search for Identity"

  • 2013: Stephanie Capaldo, "Smoke and Mirrors: Smelter Pollution and the Construction of Arizona Identity in the Late Twentieth Century"

  • 2012: Thomas G. Smith, "Worshipping at the Grand Canyon: The Shrine of the Ages Chapel Controversy"

  • 2011: Li Yang, "'In Search of a Homeland': Lai Ngan, a pioneer Chinese Woman and Her Family on the U.S.–Mexico Border"

  • 2010: Carlos Francisco Parra, "Valientes Nogalenses: The 1918 Battle Between the U.S. and Mexico that Transformed Ambos Nogales"

  • 2009: Allan Radbourne, "Great Chief: Hashkeedasillaa of the White Mountain Apaches"

  • 2008: James M. Wood and Thomas A. Wood, "To Win, Hold, and Lose the Land: The Families of Santa Cruz and the San Rafael de la Zanja Land Grant"

  • 2007: Larry D. Ball, "That 'Miserable Book': Life of Tom Horn, Government Scout and Interpreter"

  • 2006: Jean Reynolds, "Mexican American Women in 1930s' Phoenix: Coming of Age During the Great Depression"

  • 2005: Louis A. Hieb, "'The Flavor of Adventure Now Rare': H. C. Rizer's Account of James Stevenson's 1882 Bureau of Ethnology Expedition to Canyon de Chelly"

  • 2004: Larry D. Ball, "Tom Horn and the 'Talking Boy' Controversy"

  • 2003: John Wills, "'On Burro'd Time': Feral Burros, the Brighty Legend, and the Pursuit of Wilderness in the Grand Canyon"

  • 2002: Tricia Loscher, "Kate Thomson Cory: Artist in Hopiland"

  • 2001: Paul T. Hietter, "To Encourage the Preservation and Sanctity of the Marriage Relation: Victorian Attitudes in Arizona Territory and the Murder Prosecution of Frank C. Kibbey"

  • 2000: Andrew H. Fisher, "Working in the Indian Way: The Southwest Forest Firefighter Program and Native American Wage Labor"

  • 1999: Mary Melcher, "Times of Crisis and Joy: Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Mothering in Rural Arizona, 1910–1940"

  • 1998: James E. Turner, "The Pima and Maricopa Villages: Oasis at a Cultural Crossroads, 1846–1873"

  • 1997: Larry T. Upton and Larry D. Ball, "Who Robbed Major Wham? Facts and Folklore Behind Arizona's Great Paymaster Robbery"

  • 1996: Gerald D. Thompson, "Henry De Groot and the Colorado River Gold Rush, 1862"

  • 1995: Jane Eppinga, "Henry O. Flipper in the Court of Private Land Claims"

  • 1994: W. Lane Rogers, "From Colonia Dublán to Binghampton: The Mormon Odyssey of Frederick, Nancy, and Amanda Williams"

  • 1993: Marienka J. Sokol, "From Wasteland to Oasis: Promotional Images of Arizona, 1870–1912"

  • 1992: L. Boyd Finch, "Arizona in Exile: Confederate Schemes to Recapture the Far Southwest"

  • 1991: Marsha Weisiger, "Mythic Fields of Plenty: The Plight of Depression-Era Oklahoma Migrants in Arizona"

  • 1990: Bill Hoy, "Sonoyta and Santo Domingo: A Story of Two Sonoran Towns and the River that Ran By"

  • 1989: Charles S. Peterson, "Big House at Ganado: New Mexico's Influence in Northern Arizona"

  • 1988: James E. McMillan, "McFarland and the Movies: The 1941 Senate Motion Picture Hearings"

  • 1987: James E. Officer, "Yaqui Forty-Niners in Hispanic Arizona: Interethnic Relations on the Sonoran Frontier"

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