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1500 c.e.–1800 c.e.

sarah gristwood. Game of Queens: The Women who Made Sixteenth-Century Europe. New York: Basic Books, 2016. 384 pp. $37.50 (hardcover).
zeb tortorici, ed. Sexuality and the Unnatural in Colonial Latin America. Oakland: University of California Press, 2016. 256 pp. $29.95 (paperback).

1800 c.e.–1914 c.e.

johan mathew. Margins of the Market: Trafficking and Capitalism across the Arabian Sea. Oakland: University of California Press, 2016. 272 pp. $29.95 (paperback).
john tutino, ed. New Countries: Capitalism, Revolutions, and Nations in the Americas, 1750–1870. Durham: Duke University Press, 2016. 408 pp. $29.95 (paperback).

1914 c.e.–Present

michael d. leigh. The Collapse of British Rule in Burma: The Civilian Evacuation and Independence. London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2018. 304 pp. £73.50 (hardcover).
leonid luks. A Fateful Triangle: Essays on Contemporary Russian, German and Polish History. Stuttgart: Ibidem Press, 2018. 280 pp. $50.00 (paperback).
lisa yoneyama. Cold War Ruins: Transpacific Critique of American Justice and Japanese War Crimes. Durham: Duke University Press, 2016. 336 pp. $25.95 (paperback).


alexander anievas and kamran matin, eds. Historical Sociology and World History: Uneven and Combined Development Over the Longue Durée. London: Rowman and Littlefield International, 2016. 318 pp. $125.00 (hardcover).
michael bryant. AWorld History of War Crimes: From Antiquity to the Present. New York: Bloomsbury, 2015. 304 pp. $39.95 (paperback).
adrian howkins. The Polar Regions: An Environmental History. Cambridge: Polity Press, 2016. 248 pp. $25.00 (hardcover).


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