This biography of Teresa Carreño (1853–1917) is excerpted from the forthcoming book, The Life and Music of Teresa Carreño (1853–1917): A Guide to Research (A-R Editions), which is a survey of extant primary sources, criticism, compositions, and recordings from Carreño's career. The aim of this biography and forthcoming book is to examine, or in many cases re-examine, the primary and secondary sources that can provide a deeper historical context to Carreño's legacy as a composer and pianist, and bring greater visibility to her musical contributions. Correspondence, newspaper articles or reviews, legal documents, and other sources were closely examined and provide details that may have been overlooked or excluded from earlier biographical writings about Carreño. The biography provides an overview of Carreño's career from musical prodigy—composing and performing by the age of eight—to an internationally acclaimed artist in the 1910s. Important personal and professional relationships that impacted her deeply, such as those with Frances MacDowell and Regina Watson, are discussed. Her concert repertoire selections and details about performances over the course of her career are selectively examined in order to shed light on performance and reception practices during this period. Woven into the narrative are important moments from Carreño's life that demonstrate the challenges and choices she had to make as a professional musician who was also a mother, wife, and friend.


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