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  • Contents for Volume LVII (2019)
The Birth of Belief jessica moss and whitney schwab 1
Ulrich of Strasburg (1225–1277) on Divine Univocal Causality victor m. salas 33
Between Atoms and Forms: Natural Philosophy and Metaphysics in Kenelm Digby han thomas adriaenssen and sander de boer 57
Reid on Conception and Object-Directedness: Moving Beyond the Framework of Intentionality laura s. keating 81
Kant and Crusius on Causal Chains michael oberst 107
What is Wrong with Blind Necessity? Schelling's Critique of Spinoza's Necessitarianism in the Freedom Essay franz knappik 129
Imagination in the Theology of Aristotle daniel regnier 181
The Priority of Natures against the Identity of Indiscernibles: Alexander of Aphrodisias, Yaḥyā b. 'Adī, and Avicenna on Genus as Matter fedor benevich 205
Cartesian Holenmerism and its Discontents: Or, on the "Dislocated" Relationship of Descartes's God to the Material World edward slowik 235
Du Châtelet on Freedom, Self-Motion, and Moral Necessity julia jorati 255
Kant and the Primacy of Judgment before the First Critique patrick r. leland 281
Shattering Presence: Being as Change, Time as the Sudden Instant in Heidegger's 1930–31 Seminar on Plato's Parmenides francisco j. gonzalez 313
Empeiria and Good Habits in Aristotle's Ethics marta jimenez 363
Reason in Action in Aristotle: A Reading of EE V.12/EN VI.12 juan s. piñeros glasscock 391
Politics and Collective Action in Thomas Aquinas's On Kingship anselm spindler 419
Grotius on Natural Law and Supererogation johan olsthoorn 443
Margaret Cavendish on Motion and Mereology alison peterman 471
Free Belief: The Medieval Heritage in Kant's Moral Faith christopher j. insole 501
On Why the City of Pigs and Clocks are not Just brennan mcdavid 571
A Continuation of Atomism: Shahrastānī on the Atom and Continuity jon mcginnis 595
The Curious Case of Hobbes's Amazons susanne sreedhar 621
Hermann Cohen on Kant, Sensations, and Nature in Science charlotte baumann 647
Fundamental Truths and the Principle of Sufficient Reason in Bolzano's Theory of Grounding benjamin schnieder and stefan roski 675
The Behaviorisms of Skinner and Quine: Genesis, Development, and Mutual Influence sander verhaegh 707
    Notes and Discussion
The Contextualist Revolution in Early Modern Philosophy christia mercer 529
    Research Tools for Historians of Philosophy
Bibliographia Claubergiana (Nineteenth–Twenty-First Centuries): Tracking a Crossroads in the History of Philosophy alice ragni 731
    Book Reviews
Pierre Destrée and Zina Giannopoulou, editors. Plato's Symposium: A Critical Guide andrew payne 159
Rachana Kamtekar. Plato's Moral Psychology: Intellectualism, the Divided Soul, and the Desire for Good ravi sharma 160
Diana Quarantotto, editor. Aristotle's Physics Book I: A Systematic Exploration john bowin 161
Erick Raphael Jiménez. Aristotle's Concept of Mind noell birondo 162
Avicenna Latinus, Liber primus naturalium, Tractatus tertius de his quae habent naturalia ex hoc quod habent quantitatem thérèse-anne druart 164
Michael Gorman. Aquinas on the Metaphysics of the Hypostatic Union jonathan hill 165
Jacqueline Broad and Karen Detlefsen, editors. Women and Liberty 1600–1800: Philosophical Essays sandrine bergès 166
Emily Thomas, editor. Early Modern Women on Metaphysics john grey 167
Steffen Ducheyne, editor. Reassessing the Radical Enlightenment mogens lærke 168
Raffaele Carbone, Chantal Jaquet, and Pierre-François Moreau, editors. Spinoza-Malebranche: à la croisée des interprétations tad m. schmaltz 170
Julia Jorati. Leibniz on Causation and Agency joseph anderson 171
Stefan Storrie, editor. Berkeley's Three Dialogues: New Essays margaret atherton 172
Corey W. Dyck and Falk Wunderlich, editors. Kant and His German Contemporaries andrew werner 173
Eric Watkins, editor. Kant on Persons and Agency krista k. thomason 175
James Doyle. No Morality, No Self : Anscombe's Radical Skepticism john schwenkler 176
Sara Ahbel-Rappe. Socratic Ignorance and Platonic Knowledge in the Dialogues of Plato michael erler 339
Chad Jorgensen. The Embodied Soul in Plato's Later Thought chiara t. riccardone 340
Andrew Payne. The Teleology of Action in Plato's Republic christopher buckels 341
Pavlos Kontos, editor. Evil in Aristotle samuel baker 342
George Karamanolis, and Vasilis Politis, editors. The Aporetic Tradition in Ancient Philosophy lloyd gerson 344
Christoph Kann, Benedikt Loewe, Christian Rode, and Sara...


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