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77 FAITH AND DOUBT: NEWMAN’S EXAMPLE OF FRIENDSHIP ROSARIO ATHIÉ Newman's Discourses Addressed to Mixed Congregations were prepared for publication in the midst of numerous other responsibilities.1 The year of publication, 1849, was also the year that saw the establishment of Oratories at both Birmingham and London. On February 2, the Birmingham Oratory was opened in Alcester Street; the sermon that Newman preached on that occasion apparently became the first discourse in the volume.2 Four months later, on May 31, Newman preached at the opening of the London Oratory in King William Street, Strand; this sermon became the twelfth discourse.3 During these months, in addition to considerable discussion about the assignment of the Oratorians to the two houses,4 Newman was also preoccupied with financing the two fledgling institutions. In a letter to Antony Hutchinson (18221863 ), who eventually joined Frederick Faber at the London Oratory, Newman— apparently envious of the discovery of gold on the U.S.West Coast—exclaimed:“O for a private California.”5 Whether Newman hoped that the publication of his Discourses would help improve his financial situation6 —his Anglican sermons had earlier been a significant portion of his income—nearly five months passed before Newman was * The word "vignette" originally referred to a decoration of vine leaves and tendrils that were used to ornament picture frames, furniture, etc. Derivatively "vignette" has come to designate a portrait that merges into its background; thus, in an extended sense, "vignette" may also be applied to “stories” that portray a person's spiritual development in ways that biographical facts do not and cannot. In this latter sense, “pastoral vignettes” seem an appropriate way of describing some of Newman's many activities as a “pastor.” Such accounts help to communicate the larger story of Newman’s life. This vignette focuses on Newman’s friendship with Maria Giberne in light of one of his sermons. Rosario Athié, who is Professor of the Philosophy of Education at the Universidad Panamericana (Guadalajara, Mexico) and a member of the Sistema Nacional de Investigadores, wishes to express her appreciation both to the staff at the National Institute for Newman Studies in Pittsburgh for their hospitality while she was a resident scholar in 2004 and to the editors of the Newman Studies Journal for their assistance in preparing this vignette for publication. 1 Discourses Addressed to Mixed Congregations (London:Longman,Brown,Green,and Longmans,1849); available at:; hereafter: Discourses. 2 The Letters and Diaries of John Henry Newman, 13:22; hereafter: LD. The Birmingham Oratory was later relocated to Hagley Road, Edgbaston; information is available at: http://www.birmingham-oratory. 3 See JHN to Ambrose St. John (London Oratory, 31 May 1849), LD, 13:166-68, at 168, n.2; King William Street is nowWilliam IV Street,near Charing Cross (LD,13:118,n.1);the London Oratory was subsequently relocated to Brompton Road; information is available at: 4 See, for example, the five different “plans” proposed for dividing the Oratorians between the Birmingham and London Oratories (LD, 13:98). 5 JHN to Antony Hutchinson (Oratory, Birmingham, 2 May 1849) LD, 13:134-35, at 135; Newman concluded:“Excuse a stupid letter.” 6 According to Vincent Ferrer Blehl, John Henry Newman:A Bibliographical Catalogue of His Writings (Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia, 1978), 16-17, seven editions of the Discourses were published during Newman's lifetime. PASTORAL VIGNETTES PASTORAL VIGNETTES NEWMAN STUDIES JOURNAL 78 7 JHN to F.W. Faber (Oratory, Birmingham, 28 October 1849), LD, 13:276-77, at 276, n. 1. 8 JHN to F.W. Faber (Birmingham Oratory, 9 December 1849) LD, 13:335. 9 Ibid. 10 Discourses, v; references to Discourse XI,“Faith and Doubt,” will be given in parentheses in the text. 11 Discourses, vi; a decade and a half later, Newman described Wiseman’s 1839-influence in his Apologia pro Vita Sua, 116-19; available at: 12 Fifteen Sermons Preached Before The University of Oxford between A.D.1826 and 1843;available at: 13 An Essay...


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