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  • Beyond the Manuscript: Development of a Tobacco control 'Prescription' in a Southern US City
  • Carrie E. Fry, Caroline Young, Molly Sudderth, and Jessica Holzer

Welcome to Progress in Community Health Partnerships' latest episode of our Beyond the Manuscript podcast. In each volume of the Journal, the editors select one article for our Beyond the Manuscript post-study interview with the authors. Beyond the Manuscript provides the authors the opportunity to tell listeners what they would want to know about the project beyond what went into the final manuscript.

In this episode of Beyond the Manuscript, Associate Editor, Jessica Holzer, interviews Carrie Fry, Caroline Young, and Molly Sudderth three of the authors of "Development of a Tobacco Control 'Prescription' in a Southern US City."

Beyond the Manuscript.

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Jessica Holzer:

All right. Well, thank you so much to each of you for having—making the time to have this podcast. My name is Jessica Holzer. I'm an assistant professor at the University of New Haven in the School of Health Science, and I would like each of you to take some time to introduce yourselves. Carrie, can we start with you?

Carrie Fry:

Yeah. I'm Carrie Fry. I'm currently a graduate student of health policy at the Harvard—at Harvard University, and I—at the time that the manuscript was written, I was a research analyst in the Department of Health Policy at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.

Jessica Holzer:

Okay. And Caroline?

Caroline Young:

Hi, there. I'm Caroline Young. I serve as executive director of NashvilleHealth. We are a nonprofit organization that was launched in 2015 by former U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist. Our mission is to improve the health of all Nashvillians, and we do this by working on collaborations and convening around high-priority health issues for our community.

Jessica Holzer:

Okay. And Molly?

Molly Sudderth:

Hi, I'm Molly Sudderth. I'm the director of community engagement here at Nashville Health.

Jessica Holzer:

Okay. So, Caroline and Molly, I think because you're at NashvilleHealth, I'll start with you, because I think this first question I have is probably best targeted to you. You make a point of saying in a manuscript that this project really originated with the community partners, who then reached out to Vanderbilt for research assistance, and that ends up being a theme throughout the manuscript. Can you talk to me a little bit about how you think the fact that that was the order of operations changed the dynamics of the partnership?

Caroline Young:

Certainly. So this is Caroline, and we conducted here in the community probably 50 to 60 meetings with leaders and influencers from the diverse sectors of the community, from government to faith to academia to health care to understand where they thought the high-priority health issues were, where [End Page 247]they thought we should focus our efforts, and we got a tremendous amount of input and feedback and ideas. And at that point, we knew we needed some help to take a deep dive and really zero in on how we could be most effective. And we wanted that academic rigor that could be brought to the process to assist us in that fact-finding. And so, that's what really directed us toward the team at Vanderbilt.

Jessica Holzer:

Carrie, maybe because you were on the team at Vanderbilt, you can talk a little bit about sort how it was received on Vanderbilt's side in terms of the partnership.

Carrie Fry:

Yeah, of course. So this is Carrie. So the Department of Health policy at Vanderbilt is—has—is led by Dr. Melinda Buntin, and she has made it her mission to not only engage in health policy both at the federal level but also at the state and local level, and, I think that this was seen as a great opportunity to really make an impact at the local level in the...


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