Does Trumpism spell the end of ethics and morality in international affairs? This essay argues that it does not. One should not see the crisis of the Liberal International Order as the end of international ethics but rather as an opportunity to reaffirm, redefine, and broaden it. The system of universal morality associated with the liberal order (also known as liberal hegemony) was underpinned by the power and interest of the leading Western nations and gave scant recognition to the ethical and moral claims and contributions of other cultures and civilizations. This structure needs to change. While the discourse on the “clash of civilizations” persists and the leaders of some emerging powers are engaging in civilizational nationalism, the world should and can develop a more universal system of ethics, through dialogue among different civilizations and traditions. Without such an effort, merely lamenting the decline of US global hegemony and, more generally, of Western dominance and predicting disarray, chaos, and disorder in a post-liberal world can turn out to be self-defeating and self-fulfilling.


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