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This list acknowledges recent works (except offprints of single articles) that appear to bear on the scientific study of language. The receipt of individual books cannot be separately acknowledged, and no book can be returned to the publisher. Note especially that by accepting a book the Editor implies no promise that it will be reviewed in this journal.

Aguilar-Mediavilla, Eva; Lucía Buil-Legaz; Raúl López-Penadés; Victor A. Sanchez-Azanza; and Daniel Adrover-Roig (eds.) 2019. Atypical language development in Romance languages. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Pp. vi, 257.
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Benninghoven, Vera. 2018. Functions of 'general nouns': Theory and corpus analysis. Berlin: Peter Lang. Pp. 255.
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Breitbarth, Anne; Miriam Bouzouita; Lieven Danckaert; and Melissa Farasyn (eds.) 2019. The determinants of diachronic stability. (Linguistik aktuell/Linguistics today 254.) Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Pp. vi, 294.
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Cruz Díaz, Noa P., and Manuel J. Maña López. 2019. Negation and speculation detection. (Natural language processing 13.) Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Pp. ix, 95.
Davier, Lucile, and Kyle Conway (eds.) 2019. Journalism and translation in the era of convergence. (Benjamins translation library 146.) Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Pp. vi, 211.
De Fina, Anna, and Sabina Perrino (eds.) 2019. Storytelling in the digital world. (Benjamins current topics 104.) Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Pp. v, 131.
de Oliveira, Luciana C. (ed.) 2019. The handbook of TESOL in K–12. (Blackwell handbooks in linguistics.) Hoboken, NJ: Wiley-Blackwell. Pp. 464.
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Döhler, Christian. 2019. A grammar of Komnzo. (Studies in diversity linguistics.) Berlin: Language Science. Pp. 465.
Dolberg, Florian. 2019. Agreement in language contact: Gender development in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. (Studies in language companion series 208.) Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Pp. xxi, 351.
Doval, Irene, and M. Teresa Sánchez Nieto (eds.) 2019. Parallel corpora for contrastive and translation studies: New resources and applications. (Studies in corpus linguistics 90.) Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Pp. ix, 301.
Esimaje, Alexandra U.; Ulrike Gut; and Bassey E. Antia (eds.) 2019. Corpus linguistics and African Englishes. (Studies in corpus linguistics 88.) Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Pp. ix, 403.
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