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  • IndexVolume 40, 2018–2019

For convenience, this index has been cross-referenced by Author, Title, Reviewer, and Article (essays which have appeared in our pages).


Book Author Book Title Reviewer Issue, pg#
Aira, César The Linden Tree Andrew Walser 40(2):21
Aldama, Frederick Luis, ed. Tales from la Vida Christopher González 40(2):5
Alsadir, Nuar Fourth Person Singular BK Fischer 40(3):4
Armantrout, Rae Wobble Barbara Henning 40(3):24
Barthes, Roland Album: Unpublished Correspondence and Texts Daniel T. O'Hara 40(6):20
Bennahum, Ninotchka, Wendy Perron, and Bruce Robertson, eds. Radical Bodies Sarah Rosenthal 40(4):4
Bohinc, Katy Scorpio Alysse Kathleen McCanna 40(3):28
Bridle, James New Dark Age Frida Beckman 40(6):6
Bueno, Wilson Paraguayan Sea Cheryl A. Emerson 40(4):28
Bui, Thi The Best We Could Do Ashley Hope Pérez 40(2):8
Cannon, C.W. Sleepytime Down South Alex Eaker 40(1):22
Capello, Phyllis Packs Small Plays Big Ilka Scobie 40(6):21
Chabuel, Humbert The Complete Okko Shawn Edrei 40(1):5
Chacón, Daniel The Cholo Tree Richard Coronado 40(2):22
Chai, May-lee Useful Phrases for Immigrants Kathryn Pratt Russell 40(5):22
Charlier, Philippe Zombies: An Anthropological Investigation of the Living Dead Jennifer Spiegel 40(1):23
Chin, Marilyn A Portrait of the Self as Nation Kathryn Pratt Russell 40(5):22
Cirio, Paolo Sociality Amina Patton 40(6):7
Coffman, Christopher K. Rewriting Early America Rob Turner 40(2):16
Cohen, Marvin Inside the World: As Al Lehman David Stanford Burr 40(5):18
Cohen, Marvin Run Out of Prose David Stanford Burr 40(5):18
Cohen, Marvin Women, and Tom Gervasi David Stanford Burr 40(5):18
Cohen, Ted; Daniel Herwitz, ed. Serious Larks: The Philosophy of Ted Cohen William Day 40(5):12
Colbert, Jaimee Wriston Vanishing Acts Devin O'Shea 40(1):20
Craig, Michael Earl Woods and Clouds Interchangeable James Tadd Adcox 40(4):27
Dalachinsky, Steve Where Night and Day Become One Janet Hamill 40(6):24
Davis, Eleanor You & a Bike & a Road Anne Langendorfer 40(2):6
Deforest, Dale Hero Twins James J. Donahue 40(1):4
DeLillo, Don Cosmopolis Tong Zhimin and Gina Masucci MacKenzie 40(2):27
DeLillo, Don Falling Man Tong Zhimin and Gina Masucci MacKenzie 40(2):27
DeLillo, Don Zero K Tong Zhimin and Gina Masucci MacKenzie 40(2):27
Dixon, Kent H.; Kevin H. Dixon, illustrator The Epic of Gilgamesh Jason Novak 40(2):13
Doctorow, Cory Radicalized Keith Leslie Johnson 40(6):12
Doubiago, Sharon My Beard: Memoir Stories Rebecca Cuthbert 40(2):20
Dufresne, John FLASH!: Writing the Very Short Story Randall Brown 40(1):19
Epstein, Andrew Attention Equals Life Yasmine Shamma 40(5):9
Eriksson, Maria, et al. Spotify Teardown Robin James 40(6):13
Fakhreddine, Jawdat Lighthouse for the Drowning Krystal Elkhoury 40(4):20
Felver, Brad The Dogs of Detroit Rebecca Cuthbert 40(6):27
Ferraris, Andrea The Battle of Churubusco Ilan Stavans 40(2):4
Ferris, Emil My Favorite Thing Is Monsters, Volume One Danielle A. Orozco 40(1):9
Fondation, Larry Time Is the Longest Distance Tara Stillions Whitehead 40(4):24
Foster, Jr., John Burt Transnational Tolstoy Aaron Hammes 40(1):16
García, Eric J. Drawing on Anger Carlos Gabriel Kelly 40(2):9
Garthe, Karen The hauntRoad Sarah White 40(6):23
Gerdes, Eckhard Marco & larlaith Carla M. Wilson 40(3):20
Gibbons, Reginald An Orchard in the Street J. Drake Portillo-Swails 40(1):15
Ginsberg, Alien; Michael Schumacher, ed. Iron Curtain Journals: January-May 1965 Thibault Saillant 40(4):12
Gooch, Chris Bottled Evan Thomas 40(1):11
Gould, Roberta Woven Lightning Margot Farrington 40(5):28
Harun, Adrianne Catch, Release Rebecca Cuthbert 40(4):19
Herbert, Matthew The Music: A Novel through Sound Gerald L. Bruns 40(5):8
Hering, David David Foster Wallace: Fiction and Form Charles Michael Pawluk 40(1):17
Hess, Walter A Refugee 's Journey: A Memoir Alicia Ostriker 40(4):26
Hillman, Brenda Extra Hidden Life, among the Days Alan Gilbert 40(5):6
Hirsch, Alan Impeaching the President Mary Carroll Johansen 40...


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