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  • The Grape Fields Know Her Name
  • María López de la Cruz (bio)

Liliana is bold with her thoughts.Her young handsnever shake.She hates the beaming sun,nothing protects her.What will she be after high school?The dirt in her shoes,causes reminders.Liliana cultivates the earthas it buries her at her prime.The green leaves just watch.

Liliana is intelligent,no longer a confused teen.Nurturing the earth from sunrise to midday,college classes by night.Delano, California is where she isnot where she dreams.There is no sign of leaving,the season of Fall is near.No sign of hopeto save her from reality.The grape fields just keep to themselves.

Liliana provides.A mother now to Santiago,her creation resembles her flesh.A mistake constructed her reality.

The grape fields hear her thoughts,while the high heat causes salty sweat.Snakes and pesticides do not disguisetheir harsh destruction.Santiago waits behind andnavigates through the grape fields.Liliana walks up and down the fields,they know her name,they hold her secrets,they have eyes and ears.

Liliana aches.Her hands and knees quiver.Pain pills no longer suffice,sun rays beam down her face.The grape fields no longer want her.

Liliana falls.Her legs failed her forever.Harvest seasons are behind her,skin now cooked by the powerful sun.Santiago attends college.Liliana no longer can cultivate the fields,her body has stopped.Hopes and dreams are left,to dry in the sunand disappear into the grape fields. [End Page 135]

María López de la Cruz

María López de la Cruz is the daughter of Mexican immigrants and a first-generation college graduate from California State University, Stanislaus. She earned her BA in political science with a minor in Chicano studies in May 2016. She currently works for the Alder Graduate School of Education.



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