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  • Looks That Kill
  • Daniel Nester (bio)

Vince Neil is well known for transforming lives,for his continued dedication to rocking out,but he can't read street signs to save his life,let alone the Torah or tonight's set list.So Vince Neil just had Lasik. Mötley Crüe's formersinger gets nervous about keeping his eyes openwithout blinking, he'd read the pamphlets, he'd seen the commercials,Vince Neil was tired of wearing glasses just to driveor watch his Outlaws Arena Football teamplay on his flat screen. Vince Neil couldn't get behindthe rhetoric of process, let alone the breakdownof the bicameral mind. Vince Neil tours casinoswith a new drummer, a born-again showoffwho kicks his cymbals with his sneakersand makes a cross above his head with drumsticks.Vince Neil really does transform lives,he is dedicated to rocking out, but Vince Neil can'tsee us crying out for him under the lights.Vince! We love you! Vince!Look over here with my cigarette lighter!Vince! I just lifted up my top!Vince Neil can't see shit.So Vince Neil got his corneas reshapedby two laser-powered, oscillating blades,just to see our flames and bodies,just to see our brains' fibers radiatealong a cerebral cortex. Vince can now readthe set lists of the same songs every nightand feel the leather vests and notes from the 1980stighten up around him, Vince Neil can now see usshout Vince! The bicameral mentality should be non-consciousand articulate about mental contents through meta-reflection!Vince Neil can now see us and hear us, he shoutsat apparitions in the fairgrounds, the parking lots [End Page 424] in Rocklahoma and Wacken, Germany, in South Dakotaand Connecticut. Vince Neil transforms lives,Vince Neil continues, Vince Neil sees, sings. [End Page 425]

Daniel Nester

DANIEL NESTER's most recent book is Shader, a coming-of-age memoir. Other books include How to Be Inappropriate, and God Save My Queen I and II, and The Incredible Sestina Anthology, which he edited. He teaches writing at The College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY.



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