The Eunuch Archive (EA) is a website where registered members can post for others to read and rate sexual fantasies that involve genital mutilation and ablation. The EA includes over 8,000 stories. We have previously explored common features of 100 top-rated EA stories. We reasoned that understanding such fantasies may be a step toward recognizing who is at risk of irreversible injury should they act out their fantasies. Here we explore the top-rated EA stories in the context of well-established models for human sexual response. We argue the archetypal storyline from these fantasies, which are characterized by extreme sadomasochism (SM), can be interpreted and understood within the context of these established sexual response models, but we note several ways the fantasies diverge from such models. The stories closely fit the classic Masters and Johnson model, but with a protracted plateau phase resolved with pleasure and pain heightened. Even though the central character in all the stories is a male, the stories align well with the Basson intimacy-based model more characteristic of female motivations to be sexually active. In the fantasies, the central character is willing to sacrifice everything short of his life to develop or strengthen a dyadic relationship. In all the stories, castration is depicted with a sensory intensity equivalent to orgasm. The stories reveal what is both natural and pathological in extreme SM fantasies. They also reveal similarities between female sexual desire and the desire for genital ablation which has not, to the best of our knowledge, been previously elucidated.


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