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  • Justine Carson

Page references in boldface indicate major treatments of a topic. Page references in italic indicate locations in Spanish language articles.

Locators followed by t, f, or n indicate tables, figures, or notes.


AAUP, 321

Abela, Eduardo, 636, 648

Ableism, 457, 473

in higher education and academic libraries, 458–460

professionalism and, 461, 462

See also Disability

Academic dishonesty, in scholarly publishing, 241–243

Academic libraries

ableism in, 458–460

book budgets, 256

cooperative and commercial paths to open access, 196–213

copyright and fair use, 192

countering the hostile racial environment, 138–144

efforts to improve diversity, 131–133

electronic scores in, 304–305, 313–315

emerging models of scholarly publishing, 190–192

expenditures on monographs, 269f

fair use lawsuits, 376–393

hostility to librarians of color, 137–138

ILL statistics, 400–401

lessons for fair use, 390–391

microaggressions in, 133–138

open access not decreasing costs, 236

partnerships with Library Publishing Coalition (LPC), 362

perspective on open access publishing, 231–235

racial climate of, 131–146

resource sharing, library publishing and, 394–414

role in music publishing, 303–318

scholarly book market and, 189–190

scholarly journal market and, 184–189

See also Institutional repositories; Libraries; Library-press partnerships; Library publishing; Resource sharing

Academic library publishing

See Library publishing

Academy-owned publishing

See Library publishing

Accapadi, M.M., 171


creating a culture of in libraries, 466–468 [End Page 807]

disabled persons ignored in research on, 498–499

initiatives in libraries, 490–492

recommendations for Nigerian university libraries, 523

for sight impaired students, 516–525

See also Disability

Accessibility services

identity programming, 541–543

importance of, 532–533

ACI, 218

Acquisitions, RBL policies, 100–101

Action research, as methodology, 533–534

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), 426–427, 463, 473, 489

Adaptive and assistive technologies, for sight impaired persons, 419, 521–522

Adema, Janneke, 343

Adler, Melissa, 4, 52–73, 85

Affirmative action

diversity and, 24–25

in LIS education, 30

See also Diversity

African American library

administrators, 23–38

historically black colleges and universities, 32t

leadership in LIS education, 31–33

majority white institutions, 33t, 34t

See also Librarians of color

African Americans in higher education, 26

in LIS education, 27–35

mentors in LIS, 35

See also Marginalization and marginalized peoples

African American studies competencies for librarians, 78

Library of Congress Classification (LCC), 74–88

Library of Congress Subject Headings, 74–88

African Burial Ground National Monument, 12

African Journal of Emergency Medicine, 202

Agencia de Cultura de Dinamarca, 748, 750, 762, 764

Agency for Culture and Palaces of Denmark, 748, 750, 762, 764

Ahmed, Sara, 172, 178

AIDS, education and resources in Cuba, 591–598

AIDS Library (Havana, Cuba), 591–598, 612–620

activities, 595f, 596f, 616f, 617f

Community Service logo and poster, 594f, 615f

Community Service team, 592–595, 593f, 613–614, 614f

on Facebook, 598f, 619f

website, 597f, 618f


Declaration for the Right to Libraries, 553–554

professionalism as core value, 461

Services for People with Disabilities Policy, 554

statement on diversity, 92

ALA. Association of Library Collections and Technical Services (ALCTS), 349

ALA. Association of Library Collections and Technical Services (ALCTS) Publications Committee, 263–264

ALA. Declaration for the Right to Libraries (2013), 553–554

ALA. Diversity Counts, 2

ALA. Final Report of the Task Force on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, 167

Alabi, Jaena, 4, 131–146

ALA Council (Consejo de ALA), 785–786, 802

ALCTS (ALA. Association of Library Collections and Technical Services), 349

ALCTS (ALA. Association of Library Collections and Technical Services Publications Committee), 263–264

Algorithms, racial bias in, 64–66

Alkalimat, Addul, 580, 586, 774–788, 789–805


LIS Microaggressions (Zine), 124–125

three levels of, 140–141

See also Mentoring and mentorship Altmetrics, 338

Am. Geophysical Union v. Texaco Inc., 380

American Library Association See ALA

Amman, Mohammed, 32

Anderson, Byron, 260 [End Page 808]

Anderson, Ivy, 230–231

Anderson, Kent, 224, 225

Anderson, Rick, 216, 219, 234–235

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, 325–326

APC (Article processing charge), 199–200, 227–230

in cooperative models, 206–207

sources of funding, 228–229

Architectural design of libraries See Library...


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