The present contribution has the aim of addressing the question of the concept "queer," on the one hand with the prospect of establishing the latter's speculative system, and at the same time with the intention of exposing a moment that, while being of necessity internal to the system of the concept "queer," appears to resist the labor of any dialectical sublation. Following Hegel's exposition in the Preface to the Phenomenology of Spirit and in the Preliminary Conception to the Encyclopaedia Logic, the concept "queer" is articulated in a "ratiocinative" and in a "speculative" fashion. Upon this opening, the question of the remains (reste) of the concept "queer"—the question of the glas of "queer"—is set forth. In order to exhibit the trace of a difference unable to serve as fuel for the movement of the concept "queer", it is suitable to turn to a reading of Bersani's Intimacies. The opportunity is afforded by a gift that, in exceeding the economy of the concept "queer," cannot be lifted by any dialectical sublation—a gift that, in marking the site of an unconditional hospitality, halts the process of recognition and constitutes an irrecuperable staking of life. The aim of this paper is both that of setting up the so-called "general economy" of the concept "queer" and that of inquiring into the structure that subtends, first, the possibility for the concept to precipitate into its transcendental non-meaning, and, concurrently, the risk for the remains to be reabsorbed into an economy of meaning. The political implications of the transcendental contamination of the concept "queer" by its remains are addressed.