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IN MEMORIAM: JEAN BOURGAIN AND ELIAS M. STEIN JEAN BOURGAIN, 1954–2018 photo courtesy of Cliff Moore, Institute for Advanced Study ELIAS M. STEIN, 1931–2018 photo courtesy of Princeton University The editors would like to dedicate this issue of the American Journal of Mathematics to the memory of Jean Bourgain and Elias M. Stein. We are grateful for the support and contributions of these two outstanding mathematicians over the years. Indeed both authors contributed seminal papers that are related to their joint paper with M. Mirek and B. Wrobel which is in this issue. These include the important AJM papers on maximal functions by Bourgain in 1986 and by C. Fefferman and Stein in 1971. Jean Bourgain and Elias M. Stein will be greatly missed by us and by the mathematical community. William P. Minicozzi II Freydoon Shahidi Vyacheslav Shokurov Christopher D. Sogge ii ...


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